Win Up To £50,000 on Betfair's Bonus Bar

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Betfair's Bonus BarFill Betfair's Bonus Bar And Win £50,000!

Betfair is always looking for cool ways to reward their players. As though having some of the best online casino & slot games wasn't enough?!

The promotion is called – “The Bonus Bar” and it’s looking to be one of the best we’ve seen in a long time.

What is the Bonus Bar?

The Bonus Bar promotion is unique, fun and definitely rewarding.

Every month at Betfair, players can fill their bonus bars by playing select games. Every time you play one of these games, your bar fills up. Think of it more as a meter than a bar. For each bet made, you gain a little extra on the bonus bar.

Once you fill your bar, you automatically win a free bet up to an incredible £50,000, courtesy of Betfair!

Once the bar fills, it will reset and you can do it all over again and win more free bets every month.

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How Does the Bonus Bar Work?

It’s quite simple actually. At the beginning of every month, your bar starts over and is empty. Once you start playing the games selected, your bonus bar will start to fill up. Each time it fills, you will be awarded a random free bet that could be worth up to £50,000.

There will be 3 levels of bonus bars depending on what type of player you are classified as.

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The first is called the “Quick Bar”. This is designated for all new customers and recreational players.

Each time a player fills their Bonus Bar they will be awarded a prize ticket from a bank of 10,000. The selected ticket will award a random prize each time. The following free bets are available at the Quick Bar level:

£1 - £2.50 - £5 - £25 - £50 - £100 - £1,000

The second tier is called the "Premium Bar". This will be for regular players and those who play a little more regularly than the average player.

At this level, a prize ticket is selected from a bank of 10,000 tickets again each time a player fills their bar, except with the addition of a £10,000 ticket. The prizes on offer are therefore:

£2.50 - £5 - £25 - £100 - £1,000 - £10,000

The VIP tier is the highest level and has a maximum free ticket prize of £50,000! Also included are other goodies such as VIP sporting and red carpet events & trips. The prizes on offer now become:

£25 - £50 - £500 - £5,000 – VIP trip - £50,000

If you happen to win the VIP trip, you will be contacted with 96 hours of winning by an account specialist. You can then choose from 12 different trips. The trips have not yet been disclosed and will change throughout the year. They have been described by Betfair as sporting events and even Red Carpet Affairs.

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Eligible Bonus Bar Games

There are 12 arcade games you can play which count towards filling your bonus bar.

  • Nostradamus
  • Pixies of the Forest
  • Atlantis Treasure
  • Cleopatra
  • Super Trails
  • Deal or No Deal
  • Virtual Dogs
  • Virtual Horses
  • Deal or No Deal Instant Win game
  • Happy Fruits
  • VIZ
  • Monopoly

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  • Each player will be given a bonus bar level by Betfair at the start of every month. If you’re a new player, you will automatically be given the Quick Bar status; there is no way around this for the first month. But, if you play fairly regularly, you will soon move up to the higher levels.
  • There is no limit to the amount of times you can fill your bonus bar. However, once the allotted number of tickets or prizes has been awarded, they will not be handed out until the following month when they reset.
  • The free bet is good for 99 days after it is claimed.
  • Any money won using the free bet must be played through once before cashing out.

Other than that, the promotion is simple and easy. There’s no need to register as you will automatically be entered in every time you play one of the eligible games.

If you’re new to Betfair, you can read more about them here - Remember to register as a free member to Cashbacker if you haven't already, and collect up to 20% cashback on anything you spend every month!

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