Genting Casino Release 4 Brand New & Exclusive £20,000 Jackpot Slots!

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New Blueprint Slots at Genting Casino

Four exciting progressive video slots are now available to play exclusively at Genting Casino, each packed with a guaranteed minimum jackpot of £20,000.

Industry-leading Blueprint Gaming join Genting Casino

With Genting looking to improve their collection of progressive slot machines, they have sought the help of Blueprint Games; responsible for creating hit-titles such as Worms, Viz and Genie Jackpots.

Packed with hard-hitting bonus features, intense-HD graphics and loads more, they’re an exciting addition to Genting’s already impressive range of games.

The 4 new Blueprint games - The Pig Wizard, Super Diamond Deluxe, Winstar and Genie Jackpots - are available now at Genting Slots and each boast progressive jackpots starting at £20,000! We'll take a look at these exciting slots below.

The Pig Wizard

The Pig Wizard - Genting CasinoFor the Harry Potter fans out there, Harry Trotter: The Pig Wizard is set to tickle your funny bone. Generally known as The Pig Wizard, it is one of the rare slots that has moved from offline to online, maintaining the majority of features it once had, alongside a few quirky additions.

With five-reels, 20 paylines and a number of bonus features, it falls in line with the majority of Vegas-style slot machines on the market. As mentioned previously, it is the theme that allows The Pig Wizard to stand out from the long list of generic slot games.

To bag the cash with this game there are two symbols you’ll need to pay particular attention to. The wild symbol, which is Harry Trotter holding a scroll that says ‘wild’ and the scatter symbol, activating the four bonus games; coming in the form of Harry Trotter producing a spell from his wand.

The scatter symbol initiates four bonus games:

  • Squeal or No Squeal: An obvious play on the game-show Deal or No Deal, this bonus asks for you to pick one of ten spellbooks to reveal a prize; if, of course, you wish to swap it for another one then you can. Taking that risk is completely up to you.
  • Trail of Magic: Much like a generic pub-style slot trail, you roll dice to move around the bonus board to collect prizes and other bonuses. The game is over when you collect the green potion.
  • Magic Mirror Free Spins: Basically a free spins bonus, you’ll get a set amount of free spins and if you manage to land mirror symbols during this period, they’ll change to winning symbols. This bonus is a great way to land the big money.
  • Progressive Jackpot: Just like a lot of other progressive slot machines, the jackpot is awarded randomly. All you’ve got to do is keep playing and you could walk away with upwards of £20,000 (although we expect the jackpot to grow into the hundreds of thousands).

Super Diamond Deluxe

Super Diamond Deluxe - Genting CasinoMost games nowadays are designed with flashy graphics, complicated bonus features and confusing layouts, with the intention to pack anything humanly possible into a game. Sometimes, the best games are the simple games; much like Temple Run or Angry Birds, nothing too taxing.

Super Diamond Deluxe is as simple as a slot machine comes, where the basic objective is to spin reels and win prizes. Of course, we’re not saying it’s not an entertaining game — just refreshing. Again, much like The Pig Wizard, Super Diamond Deluxe is a five reel, 10-payline slot which has a progressive jackpot of £20,000 plus.

With a lack of wild or scatter symbols things aren’t looking too good for Super Diamond Deluxe, but for the beginner slots player it reduces the complication that comes with Vegas-style online slot games. One thing that is a little different though is the non-standard paylines, which allow players to create chains of symbols from reels 1, 2 and 3. This, ultimately, provides the player with multiple opportunities of winning.

Other than that, there’s not really much else left to say about Super Diamond Deluxe other than go out and have a go for yourself. If you’re after a lazy afternoon under the sun with an easy game, this one is definitely for you.


Winstar - Genting CasinoAgain, much like Super Diamond Deluxe, Winstar is a rather basic slot and as such is perfect for beginners. Blueprint games come in two distinct categories; simple and basic. This slot, you might say, is definitely in the basic camp.

Don’t let that put you off though, as this slot still has plenty to offer. Bright, solid and clear, this game doesn’t bamboozle you with crazily complicated bonus features nor does it take you on some long, drawn out bonus trail. No, instead it provides you with a way to win 500x your stake, alongside an increasing progressive jackpot of £20,000.

And that’s pretty much everything you need to know about Winstar. You’re looking at Super Diamond Deluxe in a different shell. Still, definitely worth checking out.

Genie Jackpots

Genie Jackpots - Genting CasinoSome might be bored of the whole genie who brings fortunes cliche, but Genie Jackpots stands out from the crowd in terms of money and bonus features offered. It actually offers a great experience and is a rather well-made slot from Blueprint Gaming.

As with the majority of these games, Genie Jackpots comes with five reels and 20-paylines. Unlike Winstar or Super Diamonds Deluxe, you’re actually going to get some bonus features. In fact, Genie Jackpots comes with three, all of which will bag you big money.

If you land the two bonus symbols and a chest then you’ll initiate the Mystery Win Bonus, which once triggered could land you 100x your initial stake. All you’ve got to do with this one is open a chest, so it couldn’t be easier.

Then you’ve got the magic carpet bonus, which consists of two rounds. Simply guide the monkey across a number of magic carpets by clicking the lamps in the cloud. Each lamp contains a certain amount of jumps and if you manage to make it to the end, you’ll bag 40x your bet and move on to the big money round, where you could snag 1000x your initial bet. Awesome.

Finally, you’ve got the progressive jackpot which, starting at £20,000, is a very tasty prospective prize. As it’s triggered without you doing anything other than playing, winning the big money is rather easy.

So, there you have it, four of Genting’s brand new progressive slot games each with the potential of landing you £20,000 or more. Which one will you play? Let us know in the comments section below. Good luck!