Enjoy an Endless Summer with Vera & John's £50,000 Mission

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Endless Summer Mission

Let’s face it; we’d all love to see the summer go on forever so we could spend our days soaking up the sunshine by the seaside without a care in the world. But, unfortunately, the season of sunshine has to come to an end eventually.

Thankfully though, the summer is still going strong at Vera & John Casino where they’re treating us all to the Endless Summer Mission. This promotional event presents plenty of opportunities for each and every player to win some truly exceptional prizes.

Vera & John has selected the most entertaining online slots for this bright and sunny event so you’re sure to have loads of fun as you compete for your share of the gigantic £50,000 prize pool. So get ready to make some waves as we tell you all about how you can take part...

What’s on Offer?

The Endless Summer Mission might be hot but the top 500 players will be sharing £50,000 in cold, hard cash. That prize pot will be divided up and shared out among the winners as follows:

  • 1st place - £8,000
  • 2nd place - £6,000
  • 3rd place - £4,000
  • 4th place - £2,500
  • 5th place - £1,000
  • 6th place - £800
  • 7th place - £600
  • 8th place - £500
  • 9th to 10th places - £300
  • 11th to 15th places - £200
  • 16th to 25th places - £150
  • 26th to 50th places - £100
  • 51st to 100th places - £80
  • 101st to 200th places - £50
  • 201st to 300th places - £30
  • 301st to 500th places - £20

Even if you’re not able to finish up in one of those top 500 spots, you still have a chance to win in the Endless Summer Pick and Click raffle that Vera & John will be holding the day after the offer comes to an end.

This raffle will have £5,000 in real money prizes to be shared out between 166 randomly selected lucky winners.

How to Play Spina Colada

This promotion kicked off at Vera & John Casino on August 25th and, despite being called the Endless Summer, it will come to an end at midnight on September 3rd. This is the period of time that you have to join in the fun and complete the tasks that the site has set for you.

Once you’ve logged into the casino, you will be tasked with the following three missions (which can be completed in any order):

  • Collect 50 free spin symbols in Golden Fish Tank
  • Collect three feature caps in Spiña Colada
  • Collect 25 Sunny Wilds in Sunny Shores

You’ll need to blaze your way through these sizzling hot summer tasks as quickly as you can to earn yourself a top 500 spot on the leaderboard, as your position will be determined by the number of spins it takes you to complete all three.

Remember, even if you don’t secure a top 500 position, you could still come away from the Endless Summer Mission as a winner. The top 700 ranking participants will be given the chance to claim a cash prize as Vera & John will automatically enter them into the Pick and Click raffle from the 4th to the 5th of September.

Terms and Conditions

The Endless Summer Mission will be active at Vera & John Casino from August 28th until September 3rd.

Players must achieve the specified objectives in each of the participating games during this period in order to qualify for the promotion.

Players will be ranked by the number of spins it takes to complete the objectives. The player who completes all three missions in the fewest number of spins will be awarded first place on the leaderboard.

Only real money wagers can be used to take part in this promotion. Free spins and bonus funds will not contribute.

In the case of a draw for a leaderboard position, the player who completed the missions first will be given the advantage.

After completing all three of the Endless Summer missions, players are able to re-do all three games to attempt a better score.