New Slotmine Re-launch With Double Bonus!

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In With The New: Slotmine Gets A Long-Overdue Makeover...

Big news fellow Cashbackers! The God of Slots has awoken, drops of happiness are falling from the sky and bare foot maidens dance as if it’s their last day on Earth. OK, slight exaggeration, but the mighty Slotmine has had a complete redesign and I for one am certainly excited about it! 

The tired old robes have been thrown away and a crisp, sharp suit donned which would make even Hugo Boss proud. For those of you unfamiliar with the old site design, it was akin to a worn-out Brazilian football shirt that you wouldn't be seen in outside of the house. The new site design is a massive improvement and we're proud to host them on Cashbacker.

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So, What's Different?

Well, apart from the re-skin, the old Slotmine lacked a certain spark in their promotions which I'm pleased to say has been fully addressed with the re-launch. They have given their previous welcome bonus a boost, and added a second 100% deposit bonus, both of them up to £150. Better still, they're giving away a trip for two to New York with £500 spending money, plus a chance to adpot a real-life Meerkat (who's crazy idea was that?!).

100% Double Bonus Up To £150

If anyone was to tell you they'd double your money in an instant you'd be suspicious right? Well that's why i'm here - to warn you of any terms you need to be aware of and to give my fair rating of the promotion on offer.

In short, both the 100% 1st deposit bonus and the 100% 2nd deposit bonus carry a wagering requirement just like any other casino bonus. However, whats makes Slotmine's better is that the bonus money is kept separate from your real cash deposit. So, if you win off your real cash deposit then you don't need to worry about it - you can withdraw immediately!

Don't use the bonus as a way to make money - just have a bit of fun with it, and if you can make it last then you'll soon fulfill the wagering requirement and then anything you win you keep.

Use Promo Code 500FREE For A 200% Bonus Up To £500!

In their wild delirium, not only have Slotmine doubled their bonus offer, they're also offering you a 200% bonus up to £500 when you use code 500FREE. That should get you nicely loaded up to enjoy all the slots and games on the site. Plus, you’ll still get the second deposit 100% bonus afterwards if you fancy playing on.

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Our Verdict

Any bonus carrying a 20x wagering requirement is going to disappoint some people. But as Slotmine separate the real cash deposit from the bonus, and automatically convert the bonus into real cash as the wagering requirement is met, then you can be sure that you're not going to get stung when you try to cash out your big win. You can use your real cash funds first, and if you win off those then you can withdraw instantly. But if they get depleted then you will start using your bonus cash balance which is when you need to be aware that the wagering requirements will apply. Even still, a 20x wagering requirement is much lower than some - they're often as high as 35x!

All in all, i'm a big fan of Slotmine - they're friendly, they have a great selection of slots and casino games, and I do prefer the intimacy you get which the larger mainstream operators lack. As such, i'm giving the Slotmine re-launch, new bonus and promotions a thumbs up.

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