Marvel Slots Alternatives

What happened to Marvel Slots?

On 1st April 2017 Marvel Comics pulled the plug on their superhero-themed slot games and withdrew from the iGaming industry. This was a sad day for many of us who have enjoyed their action-packed and thrilling slot games for years.

The decision came about following Disney's acquisition of Marvel Comics back in 2009. Licenses for their slot games with online slots software developers Playtech and NextGen came up renewal in 2013, and as Disney is committed to producing family-friendly entertainment, they deemed it inappropriate for their newly acquired characters to feature in casino and slot games.

Fear not though - we've prepared a list of Marvel slots alternatives, including loads of arch-rival DC Comics slots with linked progressive jackpots similar to the Marvel Jackpots, as well as several new series of progressive jackpot slots by Playtech (who produced the best Marvel slots) developed specifically to take the place of Marvel slots.

So, in no particular order, here are some great alternatives to Marvel Slots to help ease the pain of their disappearance...

DC Comics (Detective Comics) Slots

DC Comics slots are probably the first choice for players looking for alternatives to Marvel slots. DC Comics are Marvel's main competitor in the comics and superhero worlds owning the rights to Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, The Flash and many others.

Their online slots therefore bear many resemblances to the now retired Marvel slots, and even have a linked progressive jackpot - ring any bells?

So, if you haven't already given DC Comics slots a spin then check out the following Marvel slots alternatives, or keep scrolling down for more progressive jackpot slots developed by Playtech to replace Marvel slots.

Batman Slots

The Batman series of slots developed by Playtech exhibit dazzling graphics, captivating features and linked jackpots you may be very familiar with :)

All slot games in the series feature 243 pay-lines, scatter symbols and wilds but separate and distinctive bonus rounds - so you'll have to try them all to find out which ones you prefer the most!

Superman Slots

Playtech have also been working on a number of Superman themed slot games which share the progressive jackpot with the Batman series of slots.

There are also a couple of slot games from software developers NextGen, which don't have progressive jackpots, but are still packed with superhero mayhem!

More DC Comics Slots

The following DC Comics slots aren't part of a series, but are just as entertaining on their own. Check out popular choices Hellboy, The Flash and Green Lantern which shares the linked jackpot with Playtech's Batman and Superman series.

Notice also the Justice League slot game if you like all your superheroes in one place, or Wonder Woman Gold if you're all for girl power!

Progressive Jackpot Slots

As well as superhero-themed slot games, we've rounded up some new and popular progressive jackpot slots, some of which go way above and beyond the Marvel Jackpot.

Be sure to check out the Age of Gods series of slots, which although has nothing to with superheroes, does promise an immersive experience similar to Marvel's.

Age of the Gods

The Age of the Gods online slots series draw you into the mystical and magical world of the ancient Greek Gods.

They offer magical free spins to boost your coin balance, and most feature an assortment of devine bonus rounds, which could result in a win of one of four jackpots!

MegaJackpots Slots

The MegaJackpots brand is probably best known for its popular creation Cleopatra MegaJackpots. MegaJackpots have been around for several years but the series has seen a couple of new additions recently most notably Siberian Storm and Isle o' Plenty.

The slots don't feature actual bonus rounds as such, and instead give precedence to scatters, wilds and plenty of free spins, during which the huge jackpot can be won!

More Jackpot Slots

We're not finished yet!! Make sure you also check out the following jackpot slots, which although don't belong to a series, or feature any superheroes, do offer the chance to win a staggering amount of money well into the millions!