Little Britain Slots

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We love the TV programme and we love the characters, so it's no suprise that we absolutely love this Little Britain themed online slot game. It's the most hilarious slot game i've ever played and I actually did pretty well on it too!

The interface is pretty simple (much like the characters!) but it's all about the bonus rounds and the crazy cast that make this online slot game so special. The feature symbols are made up of Lou & Andy, Vicky, Dafydd, Marjorie, Emily, and the Wild symbol which substitutes for all symbols including Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10. Land 5 feature symbols on a win-line and win 1,000 credits - for those not familiar with online slots then a credit will be multiplied by the line bet, so if you bet £1 per line a 1,000 credit win will give you £1,000.

The Bonus Rounds

The bonus symbol is the door to the Little Britain Bonus. Land a bonus symbol on reels 1, 3 or 5 and you'll be given the chance to spin a wheel which ultimately decides the bonus round you enter. There are 5 different bonus rounds, each presented by a different character - Vicky Pollard presents the "ASBO Bonus", Lou and Andy present the "Love It Bonus", Marjorie charms us in the "Fat Fighers Bonus", Dafydd camps it up in his "Big Gay Bonus" round, and Emily Howard shows us how the ladies do it in her "Lady Things" bonus round.

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Vicky Pollard's ASBO Bonus

If you're unfortunate enough to cross Vicky Pollard in her ASBO bonus round, you might actually take a shine to the smutty chav as you can win up to 750x your total bet.

Famous for her indecisiveness with her catchphrase "Yeh but no but yeh but no..", your job is to help her decide on what she should do with her life. Pick an activity for her and the longer she takes to decide the more cash you win! If she answers "Yes" to your suggestion, the bonus round continues and you get to choose another activity for her. But should she dismiss your choice and answer "No" then the bonus round ends and you bag any cash wins you've accumulated so far.

Lou & Andy's Love It Bonus

Lou and Andy have us in creases as they take us through this bonus round where you have to pick objects for Lou to give to Andy. Andy is notoriously difficult to please, despite Lou selflessly dedicating his life to pleasing him, but if you can make him smile then a multiplier will increase each time and ultimately decide your prize at the end of the round. Should Andy expel your choice three time with his famous phrase "I don't like it", then the bonus round will end and you bag the winnings which could be up to 1000x your total bet!

Marjorie Dawes' Fat Fighers Bonus

Marjorie Dawes is the delightful fat fighters dietitian who evidently doesn't practice what she preaches! Reveal the food hiding underneath the silver trays and if you choose a healthy option a multiplier will increase which gets applied to your total bet at the end of the round. If however you should choose a fatty food then the calory counter will move towards your daily allowance and the bonus round will end. You can win up to 500x your total bet in this one, so make sure you do your homework first!

Dafydd's Big Gay Bonus

Help the "only gay in the village" shuffle into a new outfit and you could win up to 500x your total bet. You get three chances to shuffle the reels and try and match up items of clothing (if you can call them that!). Each complete set of will bag you a cash prize and different costumes will win you different prizes. Revealing "+1 Extra Shuffle" will get you exactly that, so this is one time you actually want to see him dressed up in as many different cosutmes as possible!

Emily Howard's Lady Things Bonus

Meet Britain's most un-ladylike transvestite in her final bonus round where the aim of the game is to make her feel comfortable in her surroundings and choose some ladylike objects for her.

Reveal items from under the boxes in her room and the more feminine the items the better the prize or multiplier you'll win. Uncover a football, and you'll likely get a slap, but find her a bunch of pretty roses and you'll have a partner for life.....ewwwwww....!

Free Spins Bonus Round

Uncover the "Free Spins" symbol on reels 2, 4 or 5 and win 10 extra free spins. During the free spins, land any of the special character stacked wilds to win more prizes. Land a complete character on a reel and win a extra special bonus prize up to 100x your bet per reel.

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Cashbacker™ members get up to 20% back on any losses incurred, for life!
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Anne's Wild Bonus

Last, but by no means least, special lady Anne pops up out of the blue and starts throwing things around. Keep calm though, because the more she throws around the more chances you have of winning. Each item she throws will land on a symbol and turn it wild - fingers crossed she's having a particularly "special" day!