5 Bizarre Easter Traditions from Around the World

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When we think of Easter, we think of chocolate, eggs, bunnies, a big family meal - and maybe some slots too? That's Easter for the majority of us, especially here in the UK, but what about the rest of the world? When it comes to how Easter is celebrated in other countries, you might be surprised to learn that there are some strange and weird ways the holiday is celebrated. 

We've been doing some research, and we've found some of the most bizarre Easter Traditions from around the world; from giant bonfires to witches, here are some of our favourites!


How about a kite competition to celebrate Easter? Doesn't sound that weird we know, but it's more how serious this kite competition is taken that makes it such a strange tradition. People all over Bermuda make these kites from scratch, which are expected to be much larger in scale than your usual kites as well as incredibly colourful.

To Bermuda, this is a religious symbol of the holiday, the kites being an icon of the resurrection of Jesus. These kites are worked on for weeks, and there are awards for the best examples, but once Easter is done, the kites are all destroyed. 


We all love a good murder mystery, don't we? Watching or reading a thrilling tale that keeps you on the edge of your seat guessing who's behind the whole mess can be so much fun, and that's exactly what Norway thinks! Except, they think Easter is the perfect time for a good whodunnit.

Every year, families around the country will sit down and read or watch some murder mysteries together. This has become such a long-standing tradition that TV stations actually change their schedules so that they're absolutely packed with crime stories.

Publishers also wait to release their newest books as they know how much they'll sell at Easter compared to any other time of year!

It doesn't stop there though, milk companies even jump in on the action by printing mini murder mysteries on their cartons!


In Cyprus, Easter is much more of a hectic holiday, and that's putting it lightly. Every year, teenage boys are expected to scour their neighbourhoods for scrap pieces of wood that will eventually end up on a giant communal bonfire. Sounds pretty normal right? We have bonfires all the time!

Well, this one is a little bit different as the bigger bonfire a neighbourhood has, the more respect they get from the others, which means these wood hunts can more often than not turn a little bit ugly, and when we say a little bit, we mean a lot  - and you though Easter egg hunts could get hairy. 


Another one for iconic symbols, Poland takes a famous Easter symbol and turns it into something really bizarre. We're talking about the lamb, a symbol of Easter which represents sacrifice. So, in Poland, they create a centrepiece lamb for their lunchtime meal, but they make it entirely out of butter!

What happens to this lamb you might ask? Well, as it says on the tin, these lambs are sacrificed as everyone tucks into it as their starter. This signifies the start of spring for Poland, but it's probably not the best meal for those watching their weight.


By far the wackiest of the traditions we've found, you wouldn't be in the wrong if you thought that Denmark had gotten Easter confused with another famous holiday, Halloween. At Easter, kids around the country dress up as witches and warlocks and go door to door asking people for sweets.

Sounds incredibly familiar right? Well, there are a few tweaks here and there. The big difference is that the kids are expected to give something in return, a decorated willow branch. These branches are believed to bless the house and bring the occupants good luck!


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