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Scratch Your Way To £250k With Big Money Scratch Cards

Online casinos cater to all walks of life. They have games to suit all personalities and betting limits that can fulfill the needs of the smallest fish or the biggest whales.

For many of us, being a recreational gamer is more of a hobby than anything else. We enjoy the casual entertainment that comes with gambling for a few pounds here and there. But, we also like to win big and get our money’s worth. Who doesn’t?

Scratch cards are a great way to get a stimulating casino experience and win big at the same time. They are simple to play, yet offer some big rewards.

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What Are Scratch Cards And How Do You Play Them?

Online or virtual scratch cards are very similar to the ones you can buy at just about any store in real life. In case you don’t know what a scratch card is, let’s explain it briefly.

It’s a card that you use something to scrape off the top to reveal a possible prize. Some require matching certain symbols or something similar. The concept is the same for all. They are predetermined winners and losers; you just need to uncover the results.

 I personally like to use a penny that I found heads up since this is good luck. But feel free to use anything that you can get your hands on. A fingernail works just as well. I’ve even used a pen cap in desperation at one point.

Virtual scratch cards are exactly the same in concept, except they have a very pleasing visual side effect. Most are based on a specific theme and have an interactive style of play to them. You click the scratch button and “Abbra Cadabra” the prizes appear.

You can choose to scratch one at a time or all at once. But if you’re like me and love the suspense, I do them one at a time.

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What Can You Win Playing Scratch Cards?

Money! Yes, you win real money playing scratch cards online. Some have big prizes of £250,000 and more. You can win anything from a few cents to hundreds of thousands of pounds with any given scratch.

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Best Scratch Cards To Play

Almost every online casino has scratch cards available to play. While all have the same concept and there isn’t much variation as to how you play them, some will have much bigger prizes and even more of a WOW factor than others.

Here's a list of our favorite scratch cards to play and where you can play them.

The Six Million Dollar Man

Six Million Dollar Man Scratch Card

Top of my list the the The Six Million Dollar Man scratch card. I’m an 80s child so a little biased on this one. But, the fact that you can win up to £250,000 is another good reason I like this one!

I also like the ability to change your wager on each scratch. You can play up to £100 a scratch or as little as £1. It also has some very cool graphics that will keep you entertained.

You can play The Six Million Dollar Man scratch card at Winner Games - they have some of the coolest scratch cards around. Some of the themes you will find include - The Hulk, Spiderman, Iron Man and Wolverine. There are also a range of massive jackpot slots themed around these characters and more - check out our review of Marvel Slots and how to play them to win some life-changing prizes.

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Rocky Scratch CardRocky

Again, I’m biased on this one as well since this is another 80s based scratch cards. If you’re a 80s child like myself, you understand what I’m talking about. But if you’re a fan of really cool games, Rocky will suit you just fine.

The best part of this card is the max prize of £37,000. You can play for as little as £1 or up to £100 for the max win.

The gameplay on this one is actually really cool. Instead of trying to match some symbols, you have to pick the winning scratch. You pick from 3 different boxers - Apollo Creed, Ivan Drago and Clubber Lang a.k.a Mr. T.

Scratch one of the boxers to see if you lose or get a knockout. A knockout wins a prize that can be up to the maximum of £37,000.

Regardless of the outcome, you still get to see a cool scene from the Rocky movie featuring that boxer. It’s an actual scene, not some cheesy re-make with stand ins either.

You can play Rocky at Gala Casino and get up 15% cash back through Cashbacker every time you play. This is on top of a bonus worth up to £400 for new players! They have a huge range of scratch cards with themes as diverse as Blackjack and Roulette scratchcards to Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway scratch cards.

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Around The World Scratch CardAround the World

Around the World is a lucrative scratch card that can be found at It only costs £1 to play and you can win up to £8,000 on any given scratch.

It has a nice appeal to it with its crisp graphics and fun style of play. Sign up to Slotmine through us and we'll even give you 15% cash back on all your losses. That means a £1 scratch card actually only costs you 85p - no brainer right?!

And, you can get up to a £150 bonus if you’re a new player making a first time deposit! Slotmine also have a number of other fun scratch cards, so check them out and comment below to let us know how you found them.

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Fruit Smoothie Scratch CardFruit Smoothie

This is another one of my favorites. I like this card because it gives you the option to wager varying amounts. You can bet between 1p and £25 per scratch. The top payout is 22,222 times your wager making the top jackpot prize woth over £500,000!

You can play this card at Slots N Games and get cash back every time you play when you register through We'll pay you 17.5% cash back on any losses you incur, and on top of that you'll get a new player bonus worth up £125 on sign-up. Slots N Games have a massive variety of slots and games - as their name suggests - as well as scratch cards and classic casino games. So head over there to see what they have on offer.

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