Experience the reward scheme like no other: The Casumo Adventure!

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Casumo PromotionEvolve and grow your very own character with Casumo’s tamagotchi-like casino rewards scheme. Hilarious and a little bit crazy, it’s a refreshing take on the generic rewards scheme.

Casumo - Casino gaming re-invented!

Casumo, over the last four years, has become well known for its quirky take on casino gaming. Light hearted and laid back, it’s a refreshing change from the upmarket and formal casinos that we’ve become so used to seeing.

We’ve reviewed Casumo in a lot more detail, so if you want to get a taste of what they’re all about check out our review.

Well, to go along with their outwardly silly appearance, they’ve got an incredibly daft, yet generous, rewards scheme of their own!

After signing up you’ll get your own little character (known as a ‘casumo’) to look after and grow. It’s a cute little thing who grows and develops as you do, gaining new attributes and unlocking casino bonuses for you to collect and use.

The craziest rewards scheme you’ll ever experience!

The adventure begins when you sign up when your casumo egg hatches and your little friend is born. The more you play the more experience points you’ll collect — which in turn allows your casumo to grow. You’ll get a progress bar on your rewards page and once you’ve filled that up your casumo will head to the next level.

Casumo Evolution

In total there are seven levels (essentially reward tiers) your casumo can hit:

  • Rope (Level 1)
  • White Belt (Level 2)
  • Yellow Belt (Level 3)
  • Red Belt (Level 4)
  • Blue Belt (Level 5)
  • Purple Belt (Level 6)
  • Black Belt (Level 7)

As you can probably guess, it’s a lot like the belts you’d get in karate. As you progress through each level, more bonuses and prizes are unlocked. Each bonus is called a ‘valuable’ and can be anything from free cash to deposit enhancers.

The more you play and the more experience points you get, the more likely you are to receive a valuable. Receiving a valuable is completely random, but you’re more likely to pick up prizes during a casumo challenge.

Casumo ChallengesCasumo’s crazy casino challenges!

Occasionally, Casumo will task its players to intense weekend challenges. These take the form of casino races and might involve players having to fulfil certain requirements in a specific amount of spins. The 30 players to complete the challenge in the least amount of spins will be rewarded generously with experience points, free casino tokens and deposit add-ons!

All challenges are free to enter and can be re-entered as many times as you like. There’s multiple challenges going on at any one time and all come with a leaderboard, so you know exactly where you stand! Don’t worry if you’re not a challenge-veteran though, there’s three-tiers: easy, medium and hard — perfect for everybody!

Why not head on over to Causmo and check out this crazily-good rewards scheme! Honestly, it’s one of the best that we’ve seen around!