Cashbacker Is Born!

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After months of planning, development, sweat and tears, Cashbacker has finally been born!

The world's first cashback site for online gaming has opened its floodgates to...well...the world.

Gamers from all over the world now have one central place where they can find the best and most trusted online deals for online casinos, bingo sites, slots and sportsbooks.

But it doesn't stop there. We've teamed up with all the best online gaming sites so that we can pay our members cashback every time they play or bet. It's a revolutionary concept to hit the online gaming world and something we wholeheartedly believe will become the standard when it comes to online gambling.

So how does it work?

Quite simply, we receive a commission for referring players to gaming sites. Every time one of our referred players spends money at a gaming sites, instead of keeping the commission ourselves, we give it back to the player.

It's the same model that other sites employ when offering cashback on household goods for example, except this is for gaming, and it's continuous, meaning members earn cashback every time they play and not just when they sign up.

Here's an example:

John likes to bet on his favourite team. He doesn't bet a lot, and sometimes he wins, sometimes he loses. He can afford to lose what he spends and he doesn't mind - he's in it for the excitement of having a bet on an important game. However, why throw money away? With Cashbacker he can automatically get back up to 20% of anything he loses - he doesn't even need to do anything other than register for free! Every month, he'll automatically get up to 20% of his net losses paid into to his preferred online payments account (e.g. Moneybookers or PayPal). When it's that easy to save that amount, why wouldn't he??!

Another example:

Julie loves playing online slots and bingo. It's her hobby and she's met some great friends in the chat forums who she meets up with regularly. Think she'd be loving it if someone offered her up to 20% back on anything she spends? Yes, so do we, which is why we've set out on being the first cashback and best site for people like Julie.

All the trimmings included

By the way, don't think for a minute you won't still be entitled to all the usual offers and promotions offered by the gaming sites listed on Cashbacker. The cashback we offer is entirely separate and in addition to all other offers including welcome bonuses, loyalty schemes, weekly or monthly promotions and even the gaming site's own cashback incentives!

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