how do i make more friends playing online bingo?

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i know this sounds like a silly question, but im looking to make more friends and ive just started playing bingo online. People have told me its a great way to make new friends, but im new to socialising in these kinds off games so I dont know what to do or say to get me started.

Any help would be great!

Thank you :smile:



  • JakeJake 142 Points

    Hi Jane,

    Welcome to Cashbacker! You're absolutely right, playing online bingo is a great way to make some new friends; it's fun, its interactive and best of all, it's really laid back which provides the perfect social atmos!

    In terms of making new friends, I'm not sure what I can say except just engage with the community. You can do this by playing bingo and using the chatroom, or get involved with chat room games (most bingo sites have them), or even checking to see if the site has an area for members to post questions and discussion topics.

    Combine this with your own natural charm and we're sure you'll be making friends in no time, and once you do, you'll see just how easy it is! :smiley:

    If you have any more troubles of course, please let us know.


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