The Best Recipes this Easter

Easter is right around the corner, and for most of us, that means a day spent with the entire family. If you're the lucky host of the said gathering, you're probably in charge of creating a delicious feast, but with so many options, how do you know what to cook? Well, we've compiled a few recipes which we think you'll love!

Greek Roast Lamb

Spring is in the air which means you don't want to be baking yourself to death in the kitchen slaving over a hot oven, so why not make the most of seasonal lamb the easy way with this lazy roast!

Baked Leeks
A simple, yet delicious side dish that's also low in fat? We're in! These leeks are baked in a creamy low-fat cheese sauce made with skimmed milk

Sticky banoffee loaf with toffee sauce

Everyone loves a good sticky toffee pudding, and they also love a good banana loaf. The why not combine the two in this crazy concoction which is sure you to be a treat to both the eyes and the tongue?

Chocolate Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Buns are the staple of easter food, the classic light bite that warms the heart and bellies of many. Why not take it to the next level by adding another Easter classic, chocolate!

Shepherd's Pie

Not exactly anything new, but Shephard's Pie often gets overlooked but it's a great Easter dish! After all, it's made with lamb which is also a classic easter icon!

Ham Hock Caesar Salad

To include the non-chocolate variety of eggs in your Easter feast is a great choice, especially when you can include them in something for the health conscious among you. The addition of the eggs will ensure you're left feeling full and satisfied!

Nest Cake

Something to top the meal off with, a real showstopper! What's great about this one too is that it's so easy to make and you can decorate it by filling the nest with your favourite chocolate eggs!

What are your Easter plans? Are you organising a hunt? Or will you be in the kitchen most of the day ensuring your loved ones get a meal to remember? We'd love to know!



  • toby51toby51 90 Points

    We treated the family to a feast of Shepard's Pie and a Nest Cake which was made by my sister-in-law; I must say, it was one of the few Easters I really enjoyed! :)

  • JakeJake 142 Points

    Shepard's Pie is my favourite meal, so I'm glad it's getting the love it deserves! We went an made some of our own Easter Eggs, but a nest cake sounds delicious Toby! :smiley:

    Thanks for sharing this!

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