Anyone knows any BlackJack bots?

mprovodmprovod 2629 Points

Does anyone know any BlackJack bots that would play BlackJack for you? I know there are several bots for playing poker, usually claiming they would make you money without you needing to do any play (not sure how much truth is in that) and usually they could be detected by the casino for which they'd ban you. I have no real interest in these (unless I could see a proof they could really make money), but I think if someone can write a poker bot, which is much more complicated game, it shouldn't be too difficult to create a BlackJack bot. Obviously, you'd always loose at BlackJack long term, but what I'd like this bot for is for doing Wagering Requirements of bonuses, which have positive EV. There are offers that allow BlackJack to be played, but usually these count only 20% or less towards the WR. Even that, they are often still profitable as BlackJack has a very low house edge. However, due to their large WR and me being able to do a hand of BlackJack in no less than 5-6 seconds on average these offers can take a very very long time (e.g. I did a sign-up offer of deposit £400, get £400, where BlackJack counts 20% towards the WR. I spent playing with short breaks 6am-6pm on a Saturday and 6am-11am on Sunday only to bust out. I don't mind busting out as this is an effect of variance, sometimes there is a bust and sometimes there is a nice win, as long as the EV of that offer was about £120 on average, giving about £7 per hour on average for playing BlackJack). If someone has the time and loves BlackJack, that's fine. I love BlackJack as well, but when playing 12 hours in a row and killing most of my weekend I was mad at myself for not doing the offer on slots with lower EV and higher variance. Unfortunately, most casinos don't allow switching from BlackJack to a game that counts 100% towards the WR, at least after being up a lot from BlackJack (I wouldn't risk this as terms sometimes say they could confiscate winnings and only return the deposit if finished in positive figures) so I just had to play. I guess I'll do similar offers on slots as this is faster and could be played on autoplay with most slots, but I'd be interested if anyone knew of any software that is downloadable (even for a reasonable charge) that could analyze the hands from the screen and play based on the optimum strategy (to minimize negative EV) by moving the mouse and clicking as if I did. I guess casinos should not be against this as you can't win on BlackJack and as long as you don't abuse bonuses and play within their T&Cs it should not matter whether you play or whether a bot that you agree to plays based on the same strategy that you would play. This way, I could get a bonus, then leave my bot playing e.g. 6 hours a day or overnight, set it to a maximum number of hands so it doesn't play too much over the WR and in a few days the bonus would be finished. If there is no such software and someone could write it, I'd be very helpful, even if it was fo a charge. There are so many offers this would be useful for so that any reasonable fee would be easily paid back.

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