How to Earn Points

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There are loads of ways to earn points at Cashbacker, some are obvious, but others are not so obvious. So, have a read below as I'll share with you the many ways you can earn points, and ultimately, free gifts!!

Claiming deals
Claim a deal on our website and bag yourself some points as well as lifetime cashback! Points are awarded when your claim is verified and you've met any minimum deposit requirements. Please note that deals can only be verified if you are a new customer to the partner gaming site, and you do not hold any previous accounts with them (or their sister sites/companies).

Ratings & Reviews
We'll award you with 100 points for every verified rating you submit and 100 points for every verified review you submit. Points are awarded once your rating or review has been approved, and you must have a verified claim for that merchant. You can still rate and review sites that you don't have a verified claim for, and you will still earn badges that way, but you won't get 100 points for each one.

Earning badges
Badges are our way of giving you recognition for participating in our community, contributing and completing challenges. Visit your Account Dashboard to see which badges you've earned so far, and which challenges you have yet to complete. Or, for a full list of badges click here.

Hidden features
There are also a few hidden ways to earn points. I won't tell you them all here, but here are a couple:-

  • You'll earn points every time you visit the website/forum (don't try hitting refresh - that won't work!)
  • Whenever someone reacts (Likes, LOLs, Loves, etc) to one of your comments or discussions you'll get some bonus points, and badges :wink:

That's all for now, if you have any questions feel free to start a new discussion, or ask a new question :smiley:

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