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The Cashbacker community is a vibrant, friendly place for like-minded gamers to hang out, chat, ask questions, and learn from the experiences of others. That being said, there are one or two trolls and spammers out there, so for the avoidance of doubt, here are a couple of rules you should be aware of:-

Spam - we don't tolerate spam. We actively monitor all posts and comments on the website as well as user behaviour and WILL terminate your account if you are seen to be spamming (you can say goodbye to any points or other rewards you've earned too!).

Abuse - we won't tolerate any sort of abuse towards other members or our staff. This is a friendly community for people to hang out, ask questions, and share experiences - none of us come here to be belittled or criticised - so please treat others as you would yourself.

Fraud - we won't tolerate activities of any kind intended to abuse, deceptively benefit from, or take advantage of the incentive schemes we offer. We monitor all accounts very closely, and reserve the right to suspend, decline or terminate any claims or accounts, or to withhold or void any payments or points, without prior notice.

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