Rich For Weeks! Win £200 Every Week For 12 Weeks..

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Forget The 12 Weeks Of Christmas - Have 12 Weeks Of Riches!

The guys over at Slotmine, VIP Casino Club and ChitChat Bingo are doing it again with a cracking offer for regular players where one lucky winner will get paid £200 a week, every week, for the 12 weeks leading up til Christmas!

Whether you're a fan of the slots, a bingo junkie, or like a flutter on the casino tables, you'll want to get involved in this promotion and be in with a chance of winning a total of £2,400 - right before Christmas.

How To Enter

Simple answer: Deposit & play £30 every week from Monday 9th September to Sunday 6th October and you'll advance to the grand prize draw to win the 12 Weeks of Riches!

If you win on the way then you're still entered into the prize draw, plus all the winnings are yours to keep and withdraw as you wish!

Enter the promotion now at SlotmineVIP Casino Club or ChitChat Bingo

Each week is defined as follows:

  • Week 1 - Monday 9th - Sunday 15th September
  • Week 2 - Monday 16th - Sunday 22nd September
  • Week 3 - Monday 23rd - Sunday 29th September
  • Week 4 - Monday 30th September - Sunday 6th October

What If I Miss A Week?

It happens, don't worry! If you miss a week and don't manage to play through the £30 entry requirement, then all is not lost - you can still enter the final draw but you will need to catch up. In order to catch up, you'll need to deposit and play the total of weeks you've missed, plus the current week. So if you've missed one week, you'll need to deposit and play £60 (£30 for the week you missed plus £30 for the current week) and you'll be eligible for the final draw.

I Don't Want To Wait!

Have a tendancy to lose interest? Or get a little impatient? Me too ;) So for those of us who want to enter the draw but don't want to keep playing week by week, we can simply deposit a minimum of £120 and play it through before Week 4 closes (6th October), whether that be in one sitting, or over a period of several weeks.

What If I Don't Win?

Well, if you don't win the final round then sadly you don't get the £200-a-week for 12 weeks....but you HAVE had a lot of fun....and you DO get a share of £500!

Not a bad little "commiseration" prize really - anyone who makes it to the final draw but isn't picked out of the hat and crowned the winner gets an equal share of £500. From my experience there aren't as many people in the final round as you might think, so £500 split equally will still be a nice little Christmas bonus for you :)

The Terms

Don't be scared off - these are just a few points that you need to be aware of. So pay attention and £200 a week for 12 weeks could all be yours!

  1. You need to enter your Slotmine, VIP Casino Club or ChitChat Bingo username on the respective Rich For Weeks promotion page so that they know to put your name in the hat. You can do this at any time up until the 6th October, but the sooner the better!
  2. The respective deposits must be made in single transactions i.e. if you're playing weekly then you must make a minimum single deposit of £30 each week (not 3 x £10 deposits for instance). If you'e playing catch-up, then you need to deposit the catch up amount in one single transaction i.e £60 if you've missed a week.
  3. You must play through all the deposit amounts before the end of Week 4 - you can't simply make the deposits and then cash them out again (obviously!) - so no crafty tactics you lot! You can play on any game at either Slotmine, VIP Casino Club or ChitChat Bingo, but you can't switch between them during the promotion, so decide which one you prefer and stick to it. Slotmine is best for slots, VIP Casino Club is best for casino games, and ChitChat Bingo is best for bingo.

That's it! Told you there was nothing to be scared of. So first thing's first - register a new account at your chosen gaming site and enter your username now! At least that's one less thing to worry about..

Our Verdict

Go for it! If you're a regular player who spends about £30 a week anyway then there's absolutely nothing to lose by entering this promo. Even if you're not a regular player but feeling a bit lucky, it might not hurt to deposit the required £120 in one go and then play casually over the next 4 weeks. Remember that anything you win on the way to the final draw is yours to keep - you can withdraw it at any time and it won't affect your entry into the promotion. So get involved and best of luck!

Enter the promotion now at SlotmineVIP Casino Club or ChitChat Bingo 


Anything to add? Have you entered the Rich For Weeks promotion? Did you manage to win anything on the way to the final round? Did you win the final round?! We want your feedback, so don't be shy, just reply!