Win £100 Cash in Sky Casino's Operation Blackjack

  • This promotion has now expired. Its contents should be considered out of date and no longer valid.
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Operation Blackjack

Get ready because Operation Blackjack is underway at Sky Casino and your mission has begun. With this action-packed promotion, you’ll be given three missions to complete in your quest to win £100 cash. Can you get through them all?

So if you love the thrill of Live Dealer Blackjack, then head for Sky Casino right now where you could get your hands on cash rewards with Operation Blackjack.

What’s on Offer?

When you complete the three missions in Operation Blackjack, you’ll be rewarded with £100 in cold, hard cash. The missions run from Monday to Saturday every single week and if you manage to fulfil the quests, you’ll be treated to your cash on Sunday.

If manage to get close to completing the three missions but don’t quite hit your target, there’s no need to worry, as Sky Casino will give you £10 for completing two out of three of the required tasks.

How to Play

Operation Blackjack will be taking place at Sky Casino from September 3rd until October 7th. The first thing you need to do during this promo period is sign into the site- or sign up for an account if you haven’t yet registered.

Once you’ve signed in, all you have to do is play qualifying Blackjack games at Sky Casino and aim to complete the following three missions:

  • Win a hand with five cards
  • Get two hands of 21 in a row
  • Win five hands in a row

Complete these three missions (with a minimum stake of £5 per hand) and you’ll qualify for a £100 prize. The operation will reset every Monday during the promo period, so keep on coming back and playing to try and scoop up that cash reward.

Terms and Conditions

Operation Blackjack will run from Monday to Saturday each week between September 3rd and October 7th.

All Sky Casino customers are welcome to take part in the offer during this promotional period.

Players must stake at least £5 of cash in order to qualify for the Missions.

All Sky Casino Blackjack games, apart from Switch and Surrender, are eligible for this promotion.

Multiple hands placed within the same round will not qualify for Operation Blackjack.

Prizes in this promotion are paid out as cash and are therefore free from any wagering requirements.

Each mission must be completed with individual hands.

Only cash stakes contribute towards this promotion.