Get Ready To Pounce On A Bountiful Casino Booty

  • This promotion has now expired. Its contents should be considered out of date and no longer valid.
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mr green heist £25k football bootyWhat with the intigue of this promotion, Mr Green seems to have looked at himself for inspiration. One of the shrewdest operators in the online casino game, he's part myth and part entrepreneur, with a reputation that precedes him. There are many different ways of building such a reputation, and one is to know how to best exploit a situation to your own advantage. If that sounds like a description of Mr Green's career to date, then it's also equally true for The Heist: A £25K Football Booty. It's a game made in his own image.

Are You Ready?

This game is all about the cash-grab, and getting away with it. There's a rumour kicking around of a tournament being held at Northern Red Square. Your team is protected by 3 levels and defended by professionals. The guards of the cash prize you're after are not to be underestimated, so you must be prepared to counter them in both attack and defence. There's money on the line after all, and your own reputation to think of. Only the big boys can pull off a heist this size. Read on if you think you've got what it takes to challenge. 

Prepare The Heist

  • Enter Gem Rocks and activate any 3x3 monster

  • Collect 6 feature caps on Spina Colada

  • Activate the statues 3 times in Valley of the Gods

  • Complete this heist in as few spins as possible, as only the top 30 will claim a share of £25,000

Here's how the prizes shake down. The winner takes away £6,000, with the runner-up claiming £4,000. Third bags £3,000, with 4th-8th all grabbing £1,000. Ninth place earns £750, 10th-20th £500, and those in 21st-30th receive £250 each. Think you've got what it takes to pull this off? Head here to put yourself to the test.

Terms & Conditions

The leaderboard mission ends at 22.59 on 8 July

The cash prizes are free of wagering requirements

Players can complete the levels in any order

The minimum bet required to play is 25p

In the event of a tie, the player completing first will have won