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Become a Live Casino Master with Free Bonuses, Risk-Free Bets and Cash Drops

This May Genting Casino are giving you the chance to hone your live casino skills and rewarding you with an array of free bonuses, risk-free bets and cash drops totalling £250,000!

Whether you're new to online live casinos or already an experienced master, you'll receive a cash drop bonus to your account every week during May, simply for playing the live casino games!

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Cash Drops

The cash drops come in the form of a cash deposit applied to your account every week: Play one live casino game in a week and you'll receive between £1 and £100 in your account; play two live casino games in a week you'll receive between £1 and £200 in your account.

Risk Free Bets

The risk-free bets are basically a cashback promotion. The way they work is that if you deposit and play a minimum amount during May then you'll receive a proportion of that amount back if you lose - hence the "risk free".

Don't forget also that if you register with Genting Casino via Cashbacker then you'll receive our very own cashback incentive of 20% back on net losses - more info here.

Free Bonuses

The free bonuses are your standard casino bonus which are subject to wagering requirements etc. The wagering requirement for these is 20x the bonus

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The Terms

As there are several different rewards on offer here it's important not to get them confused:

  1. Cash Drops - The cash drops are basically just cash amounts added to your account and don't attract any wagering requirements or special conditions. They're free for you to use towards any casino games you choose - big thumbs up for this one!
  2. Risk-Free Bets - The cashback you may recieve is subject to wagering requirements. You must play through 20x the cashback amount before you can withdraw it. The problem here is that Genting Casino restrict the games which cont towards fulfilling the wagering requirement. For example, all Slots and Keno count 100% towards the requirement, but Roulette only counts 50%. This means that if you play Roulette you'll have to in fact play through 40x the cashback amount before you can withdraw. In addition to that, Video Poker contributes only 25% and Blackjack a mere 10%.
  3. Free Bonuses - the free bonuses are just like the standard casino bonuses you may receive on sign-up or first deposit. Naturally they're subject to wagering requirements and like the cashback you'll have to pay through 20x the bonus plus deposit before you can withdraw. Different games contribute differently to the wagering requirement fulfillments as above, so check the terms if you're in doubt.

Our Verdict

The fact the cash drops are excempt from any wagering requirements means they get a big thumbs up from me. If you're lucky enough to get anything above £5-£10 then you're laughing, but hey, something is always better than nothing.

The wagering requirements on the cashback and free bonuses is acceptable, but the fact the live casino games don't contribute towards the wagering requirements kind of defeats the object of the "Become a Live Casino Master" promotion. Surely allowing the live casino games to contribute towards the wagering requirements would be a lot more appealing and get us playing right away. As it stand though, i'm issuing this part of the promotion with a "caution" rating - by all means play and enjoy the promotion, but you'll probably be better off using your bonus to play the Slots (or at a push Roulette) rather than back on the live casino tables as otherwise you won't be able to withdraw anything you win off the bonus.

Register with Genting Casino today and get 20% cashback every time you play - only available via Cashbacker! More info.

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