40% Cashback Weekend With Sky Vegas

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This Weekend Only! 20% Cashback From Sky Vegas + 20% Cashback From Us!

We must be crackers! But hell, you deserve it!

This weekend is bank holiday weekend and to coincide with the Sky Vegas 20% Bank Holiday Cashback promotion we're offering all our members an additional 20% cashback on anything they spend - this is quite literally the best cashback deal we've EVER featured!

How It Works

This weekend only, Sky Vegas are running their own "Bank Holiday Cashback" promotion where they'll give you 20% cashback on anything you spend on Sky Vegas games. The offer runs from Friday 23rd August to Monday 26th August inclusive and any cashback due to you will be paid into your Sky Vegas account on the Tuesday after the promotion.

To enter the promotion, you must either click here, or on one of the other links on this page, to be taken to the Sky Vegas website. Once there, click onto the "Casino Promotions" tab, then click on the "Bank Holiday Cashback" promotion and finally the "Opt In" button. To be eligible for our additional 20% cashback offer you should register a new account with Sky Vegas (unless of course you already have a verified claim for Sky Vegas with Cashbacker).

That's pretty much all you need to do for now! Just play away on the Sky Vegas games and if you win then great! But if you lose you'll be safe in the knowledge they'll be giving you 20% back of whatever you've spent. And it doesn't stop there - remember we'll also be giving you an additional 20% cashback as part of the bank holiday celebrations!

Get An Additional 20% Cashback

To get your additional 20% cashback you'll need to submit your claim to us so we know you claimed the deal via this website. If you haven't already got a verified Sky Vegas cashback claim with Cashbacker you'll need to log in to your Cashbacker account and submit your claim to us. You can do this at any time within 60 days of registering with Sky Vegas. From there on we'll pay you cashback on anything you spend over at Sky Vegas! Confused? You can read more about how it works over here.

Our 20% cashback offer is also only valid from Friday 23rd August to Monday 26th August inclusive. After that time the cashback offer will revert back to the current deal which is 10% - still a cracking deal right?! That's how we do it here, we give you deals that nobody else would ever dream of ;)

The Terms

Don't worry, they're nothing to get worked up about - i'm just doing the good thing and letting you know about a few things you should be aware of..

Firstly, you MUST either opt-in to the promotion over on the Sky Vegas website as explained above, or enter the promotional code "CASHBACK" when asked to do so.

Secondly, Sky Vegas exclude the Live Casino games from their 20% cashback promotion - but we'll still honour them! So if you do fancy a game on the live dealer casino games then anything you spend on them will still be included in the 20% cashback you receive from us.

Thirdly, although the cashback you receive from us is in REAL money, the cashback you receive from Sky Vegas will be in the form of non-withdrawable cash. To be able to withdraw it you must wager it once over which is a really good offer - some other casinos will make you wager it up to 50 times over!

That's about it. Make the most of this promotion Cashbackers - you might never see one like it again!

Questions & comments welcome below as always - best of luck!