Using Casino Cashback to Maximise your Gameplay

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Casino Cashback

Cashback is one of those deals that are just too good to pass up. It's the type of deal that would usually be found in the retail industry, but noting its success there has meant that many other industries have started to implement it. One such industry is the online gambling world, where cashback deals are becoming more and more frequent.

While to us, cashback means exactly that, which is why with our casino cashback deals you'll find yourself recouping any of your losses with real money that comes back to you, but to many online casinos, there are numerous ways in which a cashback deal may be dished out. 

For an online casino, these kinds of deals not only offer something a player would want but also encourages loyalty out of the player, in the hopes that they'll continue to use that casino for all their gambling needs. More generally, deals of this nature are called rebates as calling them a cashback deal might not be entirely accurate in some cases as they're more like bonuses but technically, they are still cashback deals. 

As cashback is our bread and butter, we thought it was worth taking a look at some of the different types of cashback deals one might come to expect in this age of gambling generosity, so that you which option is best for you and take full advantage. 

Cashback Sites

If you were wanting a more traditional, does what it says on the tin kind of cashback deal then there's plenty of those around. There are a few sites out there in the world wide web that you can sign up to casinos through, and when you make your first deposit, you'll find your pockets lined a little bit heavier with some extra cash! 

These kinds of sites are called 'household' cashback sites which means that they reward customers with cash back when they spend money through them, so it doesn't just apply to casinos. The big difference too is that unlike here where we'll reward you with a lifetime deal, instead, these sites will most likely reward you in one lump sum - a lump sum that's also a one-time-offer-only type of deal.

Welcome Offers

This is probably the most common deal being offered out by online casinos today, nearly every site you come across will offer something sweet to those who sign up to play with them. A commonly offered welcome bonus is something like a few extra pounds to start with, or sometime you'll find your first deposit being matched by 100% subject to a set amount. This means for instance, that if a player makes a first-time deposit of £100, the casino will offer a matching £100 to go on top of it. But if the restriction on this was £200, that would mean any deposit over £200 wouldn't qualify. 

In can also be the case with some casinos to offer a welcome bonus on a number of initial deposits, the amount of which can be in the £10,000 region! 

Reload Bonuses

When a player avails a welcome offer, they will usually qualify for a reload bonus which is a cashback offer also made on deposits. These are also structured as a percentage of the deposit made, although they are usually much lower than the ones you'd find as a first time user. You'll find the offers vary from casino to casino but a typical offer might be cash back on total deposits made during the specified period subject to a maximum limit.

For example, let's say 10% of the deposits made per month subject to a maximum of £200, so if a player were to deposit £50, they would get £5 cash back, and once that total of £200 was met for the month, the player would stop getting cash back. 

You might find that some casinos have particular days on which the reload bonus may be taken advantage of and have percentages and limits for each transaction. An example of this would something like 20% of a deposit made on Thursday subject to a maximum of £50. 

Cash Back on Total Bets

By far one of the most exciting takes on the cashback deal. In cases like these, it doesn't matter whether the player wins or loses as they will get cash back on the total amount that they have wagered in the specified period. 

Unfortunately, however, these are less common than any other cashback deal so you'll really have to keep your eyes peeled for one of these! 


Nearly every online casino will have its own selection of promotions. These offer players unique rewards for completing certain things on the site, which can all vary depending on the casino and the reward involved.

We've seen cashback specific promotions like Bgo offering 50% cash back on any losses at their roulette tables, we've seen promotions that run every week like Winboost Wednesday from MoneyGaming that offers an extra 10% on any winnings, and we also see quite a few seasonal promotions which while don't come around very often, give players the chance to win something huge like a trip to Malta! 

Cash Back on Losses

Now we come to our favourite kind of cash back, the kind in which players are given something back when lady luck isn't with them. We, like many of these online casinos, know that players aren't exactly thrilled to lose, but then losing is part of the game after all which is why deals of this nature are so well received.

A typical offer would look like something similar to one of ours where players can get 20% on any losses they incur every month. 

The popularity of these kinds of deals might be obvious to some, but basically, it's a deal in which everyone wins.

The casino is happy because it can keep a solid player base without having to hand out free money, and the player is definitely happy because while they may not have won, they don't lose everything and still see some kind of return for their efforts. 


So as you can see, the term cashback can be quite loose when it comes to online casinos and slots, but there's no denying that they all benefit players.

Whichever offer you end up going for yourself, always ensure that you thoroughly check the terms and conditions so you know exactly what you're getting in for. If you'd like to see whether they are any of these kinds of deals on at the moment (there always are) then you can check out our catalogue of slots cashback sites and casino cashback sites.

Don't forget, you can claim up to 20% lifetime cashback on any losses incurred - it's a complete no-brainer, and best of all, 100% free!