Tennis Player Blows $557,000 French Open Winnings At Casino

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Ernests Gulbis

Tennis Player Blows $557,000 French Open Winnings At Casino

Only Ernests Gulbis could experience victory and defeat all at the same time!

The 25-year-old Tennis player had an impressive run at Roland Garros this month, yet admitted in a recent interview that he celebrated his semi-final win by blowing all his money at a Latvian casino. Despite his best performance as a major to date, Gulbis said

"After losing to Djokovic, I returned to Latvia with my cousin and I went to the Casino: I bet all prize money won in Paris and I lost it.”

With a reputation for outlandish behaviour, he recently got himself in trouble after proclaiming that Women should focus more on having babies than winning titles. Although he boasted about his loss at the casino, many have claimed the statement to be a lie, with Gulbis himself admitting in a UK interview that it was only a percentage in which he lost. He told the reporter “

Truth or not, Gulbis sure knows how to get attention! 


Image: By Carine06 from UK (Ernests GulbisUploaded by Flickrworker) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons