Play Marvel Roulette And Win HUGE With The Superheroes!

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Curious What Roulette On Steroids Would Be Like? Welcome To Marvel Roulette..

I'm not exaggerating - this game of roulette is like no other you've ever played before. Ok, the principal is the same - bet on numbers on the wheel to win - but how many games of roulette have you played in your life with a Marvel Bonus pocket?!

The Marvel Bonus pocket on the wheel is enough of a reason on its own to choose this game over any other variety of roulette - why not be in with a chance of winning up to 100x your bet should it land on that lucky number? But of course that's not the only reason you should play. Every game of Marvel Roulette is linked up to the notorious Marvel Progressive Jackpot which continually increases until it is won. At the time of writing the jackpot stands at over €700,000 (£590,000 if your maths isn't your strongest point) and you don't even need to hit a lucky number to win it. The Marvel Roulette Jackpot bonus, just like in any other Marvel Slot game (read more here), will just suddenly appear on your screen even if you haven't won anything.

There are four different levels of jackpots you could win, hence why it's called the Marvel Mystery Jackpot, but first lets take a look at the Marvel Bonus..

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The Marvel Bonus

The Marvel Bonus is triggered when the ball lands on the Marvel Bonus pocket on the roulette wheel. You must have placed a bet on the square of course, and the more you bet on it the more you'll win in the bonus round. Here's how it works..

The bonus round will pop up on your screen and is basically a three wheel slot game. Each reel is covered with Marvel superheroes and other symbols. You get three free spins of the reels and if you spin three matching symbols a multiplier will get applied to whatever amount you had on the square. The size of the multiplier depends on the symbol, or superhero you spun:

  • 3x Ghost Riders wins you 5x your bet
  • 3x Captain America symbols wins you 8x your bet
  • 3x Thor symbols wins you 10x your bet
  • 3x Fantastic 4 symbols wins you 15x your bet
  • 3x Wolverine symbols wins you 20x your bet
  • 3x Iron Man symbols wins you 25x your bet
  • 3x Incredible Hulk symbols wins you 50x your bet
  • 3x Spiderman symbols wins you 100x your bet

The bonus round will end when you have used up all your spins. Any wins you get will be added together and credited to your cash balance.

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The Marvel Mystery Jackpot

The Marvel Mystery Jackpot is the big one. If you're lucky enough to have this pop up on your screen then you're in for a very nice bonus indeed. All Marvel games including slots as well as roulette are linked together. Every time someone places a bet on a Marvel game a small percentage (0.99%) goes towards the Marvel Jackpot which in turn keeps growing and growing until it's won.

There are four levels of jackpot, each start off with a minimum amount as follows:

  • Power Jackpot: €50
  • Extra Power Jackpot: €500
  • Super Power Jackpot: €5,000
  • Ultimate Power Jackpot: €100,000

€50 might not sound like a lot for the Power Jackpot, but remember that these jackpots continually keep growing until they are won, and the grand total currently sits at over €700,000! Once you enter the jackpot bonus round you'll be presented with 20 squares turned face down. Simply keep turning the squares over until you have three matching jackpot symbols to win the respective jackpot amount.

Play Marvel Roulette now at:
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