Mecca Bingo's £1.2 million Jackpot Win

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mecca bingo jackpot


Have you ever wondered what it must be like to win a lot of money? We bet – though not a lot – that you have. The aim of the game in gambling is, after all, to win, and win big, if at all possible. Now some games are more high stakes than others, and the professional poker players aren’t much interested in playing for a pittance.

The more casual gamers know that they won’t likely be winning as much as the pros, but that’s no barrier to having a round of bingo whenever we fancy. Any winnings that come our way are the icing on the cake, and we know in advance that the prize pot might not be life-changing. That doesn’t stop us though, as that’s not the reason we play.

Fancy A Million For Yourself?

But – and there’s always a but – sometimes all of that goes out the window, and a huge online bingo win comes somebody’s way. We don’t know about you, but we consider £1.2 million a huge sum of cash, so much so that we’re going to express it in figures then spend some quiet time admiring it: £1,200,000. Ah, that’ll do quite nicely.

It’ll hopefully do more than quite nicely for an unnamed 57 year old man from Ilford in east London, as he has won just that amount from Mecca bingo following just a £1 stake on its online bingo platform. He thought at first that he’d been liable to a server error, rather than fortunate beyond his wildest dreams.

Then Have A Go...

Caroline Webb of Mecca bingo said: ‘We hope the winner enjoys the fruits of their millionaire lifestyle’. We also congratulate the winner, who we appreciate prefers to remain anonymous. There’s nothing anonymous about the size of his winnings though, so if you feel you might just be the next lucky user – and there’s always another big winner – then don’t hesitate to try your luck over on Mecca bingo online.