High Stakes Blackjack - How To Play (And Win)

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How To Play (And Win) High Stakes Blackjack

In the world of gambling, high stakes blackjack is where it’s at. Aside from high limit Baccarat, the world of high stakes blackjack offers the most excitement and best yet, the most profit. If we had to pick one game to play in a casino that would offer the best return on our money, high stakes blackjack would win every time…hands down!

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Where to play High Stakes Blackjack
Card Counting

What is High Stakes Blackjack?

High stakes blackjack isn’t that much different from regular Blackjack. In fact, it’s the exact same thing with one small, well – major difference. The stakes you play for are what makes high stakes Blackjack different from the rest.

The gameplay itself is exactly how you would play a normal game of Blackjack. The rules, how you place your bets, everything is the same.

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Why Play High Stakes Blackjack?

The biggest advantage to playing high stakes blackjack is the amount of money you can win. The math is simple to understand. The more money you wager, the more you stand to win. Placing a bet of $5 at a time is easy on the wallet, but doesn’t net very big returns.

Placing a $1,000 bet on the other hand, can award you with some life changing money.

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How To Win At High Stakes Blackjack

For starters, you need to be using a perfect strategy when playing any game of Blackjack. Knowing when to hit, stand, and double down and all other actions is crucial for winning and beating high stakes Blackjack.

“But I don’t know how to play perfect!”

This is a common statement with blackjack players. But have no worries, here is a chart that explains exactly what to in every situation possible. Using the chart provided, you will be playing – mathematically correct, perfect Blackjack.

Playing perfect blackjack alone isn’t enough to beat the house though. You will need another weapon in your arsenal to come out on top and walk away with that big pay day...

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Where To Play High Stakes Blackjack

There are a number of online casinos offering high stakes blackjack games. Be sure to follow the links below, or on our casino deals page, to be eligible to receive up to 20% back on any losses you may incur - it's free and an absolute no-brainer..

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Counting Cards

Short of stealing money from the dealer, there isn’t much you can do to beat the house. All casino games have a built in advantage that make sure the house wins in the long run. But, this isn’t to say we don’t have a trick up our sleeve to negate any advantage the house may have.

Counting cards is perhaps the only way that a player can beat high stakes Blackjack on a regular basis. Now, before you get up in arms and say that counting cards is illegal and you could get arrested or worse yet, taken to the back room and roughed up, let’s put that rumor to rest.

Counting cards is not illegal. It is frowned upon and any casino can ask you to leave if they believe you are counting cards. You will not get arrested, you won’t get beat up, and you will simply be asked to leave.

But, you’re not some regular Joe off the street who is new to counting cards. No, you’re about to become a professional card counter with panache and gusto. You will walk right up to that Blackjack table and have confidence in your ability to effectively count cards. And more important – do it discreetly.

It's worth also noting that card counting is only possible when the cards are dealt from a dealer's Shoe - this is a device which typically holds 5/6 decks of cards. After each game of Blackjack the cards dealt are discarded and the next game is dealt using the remaining cards in the Shoe, until they are nearly depleted. Many land-based casinos now have machines which continuously shuffle the cards after each round making it impossible to count cards. Similarly, online casinos "shuffle" the cards after each round, preventing us all from sitting at home and counting cards for a living!

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The Premise of Counting Cards

Counting cards is a way to determine when the deck is more favorable for the player. In Blackjack, getting high cards like Kings, Aces and all other cards with a value of 10 will give you a better chance at beating the dealer. The better chance you have at getting a starting hand of 17 or higher, the better chance you stand at winning.

Counting cards will give you a good idea of when the deck contains more high cards, therefore, be more advantageous to the player. The idea is, to place larger bets when the count or the deck is in your favor. This is how you potentially make more money using a card counting strategy.

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How To Count Cards

Counting cards is simple in theory. The hard part is keeping track of your count and not letting the casino catch on.

To start, you always begin with a count of 0. This will be the basis for which you go up or down. Each card is assigned a value.

Cards 2 through 6 are counted as +1

Cards 7 through 9 are counted as 0

Cards 10 through Ace are counted as -1.

For each card that you can see dealt out, you begin to add 1, subtract 1 or stay the same.


You are dealt an Ace and a 2. You subtract 1 for the Ace, and then add 1 for the 2. This brings your count to 0.

The dealer is dealt an up card of a 10. Since all ten value cards are valued at -1, you would subtract 1 from your count of 0. This gives you a true count of -1.

So what does the true count mean?

The true count is where the deck stands at the moment. If it is in the negative, it means that lower value cards are left in the deck. If it is in the positive, more high cards are in the deck which means it’s better for you – the player.

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The Count Takes Time

Now, you can’t just play 1 or 2 hands and start betting real big when you a favorable count. Most casinos will use 8 decks or somewhere around there. At least 6 in almost all casinos. This means there are (8*52) 416 cards in the deck at any given time. If you only see 5 of these cards, there is no real way to determine if there are more or less of any valued card.

You need to wait until you get at least 10 hands deep or so to start taking advantage of the count. There is no set number of cards, but the more cards the better. The deeper into the deck you can get, the better your count will be.

It’s important to note that when the dealer changes the card shoe (replaces or refills the cards) you need to start your count over. This is because there is whole new deck of cards, and your count is worthless.

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Here’s the key to using and winning with a card counting strategy. Having a good count is only part of card counting. Once the count is in your favor and your deep into the deck, you want to start placing larger bets.

The trick is, finding that line between making an effective bet that will return a nice profit and not making it noticeable.

Going from a $10 bet to a $1,000 bet will surely draw attention to you and is a sure sign that you’re counting cards.

You want to either gradually place larger bets, or make something like a double sized or smaller than double bet. You can keep going up from there, but you don’t want to go too big. Having a background in acting doesn’t hurt either.

A simple -” I’m feeling lucky this hand” could go a long way to cover up your true intentions.

You won’t win every time!

Counting cards is not a sure thing. Don’t expect to win every time you use this strategy. Counting cards is merely a way to gain an edge over the game. Just like the casino has an edge in most games and will win over the long run. People will still win from time to time.

Just know and take comfort in the fact that if you sue this strategy the right way, you will come out on top wore often than not.

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