The Software Firms Powering Online Bingo

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In The Beginning...

Without technology, we’d still be washing our clothes in sinks, baths or any receptacle large enough to hold the latest batch in need of a good clean. We’d also be relying on candles for our light, and cooking over a naked flame. Not all advancements are good of course, but many are essential, for safety and efficiency purposes.

Washing machines have sped up the process of being able to put clean clothes on our backs, and hobs, whether electric or gas, are a safer option to char a steak on that lighting a bonfire. It’s not hard to think of examples of technology utterly changing things, as they surround us. Although the internet hasn’t yet enabled us to wash clothes of cook food, it continues to have a profound effect on how people get things done.

One of the things that many people still like to get done is to play bingo, and technology has enabled us to do so as often as we like from almost anywhere we like. While the game had origins humble enough that a bean was used to mark cards with, bingo has evolved in leaps and bounds, and we have the leading software developers of the online bingo field to thank for that. These firms are the unsung heroes of the online gambling world generally, and they deserve to be celebrated more than they are, which is why we’re going to do so right now.

A Pair Of Leading Software Firms

Virtue Fusion, who launched their first bingo sites in 2001, are one of the biggest bingo service providers. They are owned by Playtech, who are a real industry giant. As for any other software firm, games running on this platform bear distinctive hallmarks of the company, as the look and feel of sites – along with the range of games they offer – are important factors in users favouring one provider over another. Virtue Fusion have built up a reputation for the large number of different games they offer, as well as the range of options each offers to gamers.

They also typically offer very attractive bonus features, which many of you find hard to resist. You can find massive linked jackpots and competitive promotions available to the sheer number of players who favour bingo sites running on Virtue Fusion. The number of players Virtue Fusion games can accommodate at the same time is due to the resources on offer from Playtech, who also have a strong presence in the slots world. A lot of bingo fans have an equal passion for slots, and as you’d expect, Playtech’s are some of the best around. For the superhero fans amongst you, particularly those who enjoy DC Comics characters, you couldn’t hope for a better provider, as Playtech have a range of Batman and Superman slots to try out.

Dragonfish are the independent B2B division of 888, and are also one of the most prominent software providers offering no wagering bingo sites, which are one of the most enticing incentives in the whole of online bingo. After all, you want the freedom to withdraw your winnings when you want, rather than being caught up in wagering requirements. Not all their bingo sites feature no wagering requirements, but we can guarantee that all those which feature on our no wagering bingo sites page do just that. Wagering requirement are often unfair, and are best avoided. If you feel like you could do with brushing up your knowledge of them, there’s no better place to start than our bingo bonus wagering requirements guide.

Now It's Over To You

The best way to see which kind of platform you enjoy most is through trial and error, which is how a lot of our technological advancements have come about anyway. While of course it’s great to win some money from bingo, it’s also important that we simply enjoy ourselves, and once you investigate which sites are run by which software supplier, you can head over to those for that familiar experience many of us seek out. So, we’ll leave the discovering up to you, but not before pointing you in the direction of sites running on IGT, MicroGaming, NetEnt and Cryptologic, as their platforms are powering some established favourites and up and coming operators, which makes for a very diverse and exciting marketplace for you, the gamers.