Live Roulette

Playing roulette online has never been more fun; forget automated computer games and random number generators (RNG), as now, with live roulette, it is possible to bet and play against an actual real life dealer.

He or she will be operating the wheel and you will be live streamed directly into an online casino room, creating the atmosphere and excitement that only a real roulette table can offer. With a genuine and seamless user experience, the player is able to feel the atmosphere of a casino, as never before, from the comfort of their own home. Additionally, many live roulette casinos offer apps and mobile versions of their live roulette games so customers can play at their leisure whenever and wherever.

Over recent years, many online casinos have developed a working relationship with live roulette rooms worldwide that offer live play. These casino rooms have realised the importance of providing likeable croupiers, both male and female, who are fully trained and strive to provide the very best experience possible. The live online casinos provide direct contact with customers via online chat tools, are able to run promotions, issue bonuses and rewards during gameplay, as well as answer any questions or queries players may have.

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At The Live Dealer Roulette Tables

The rules and methods for playing live dealer roulette are no different to the usual ones that apply to the automated online game. However, one important point which must be mentioned is that players generally have a shorter time to place their bets than normal. The reason for this is that there is a set amount of time for each game and spin, so the croupier is working to the countdown clock, which can be seen on the player’s screen. This clock informs the player of how much time they have remaining before the live dealer calls “no more bets”.

Land based casinos are more flexible throughout the game because the players are sitting around an actual table, whereas, online, the need for timing is crucial to ensure that all players are able to participate in each spin. Being able to take part in live dealer roulette has helped the game to become one of the most popular online and, also, one of the most enjoyable.

Live Roulette Dealers

The interaction between players and the live roulette dealer is excellent, as is the online chat facility, all of which helps players to get the maximum enjoyment from their game. The live croupier will spin the wheel, just as in a bricks and mortar casino, and the whole experience is significantly better than playing roulette through automated software. As there are usually several live roulette tables to choose from, this makes it possible to select either a male or female croupier, the type of roulette game and the min/max bet limits, allowing the player total control over his or her game.

Live dealers are chosen specifically for their hospitality and friendliness, as well as their experience and expertise. They are also trained to share with their players all the highs and lows of the game, as this enhances it greatly; human emotion, especially with a big win, is very special, and is incomparable to the total lack of interaction received from a solely computerised casino game. Live roulette streaming ensures that all players are fully involved throughout the spins, just the same as in an actual casino. 

Different Types of Live Roulette

Generally there are fewer variations of roulette games available in live roulette than in standard online roulette, although some live casinos have a much wider choice of live roulette games than others. The options almost always include Live European Roulette with a choice of table limits, however the following types of live roulette are also available:

  • Live European Roulette - the most popular and available at almost every online casino, but we recommend Mr Green and Genting live casinos
  • Live French Roulette - also very popular and available at most online casinos, although again we recommend Mr Green and Genting live casinos
  • Live VIP Roulette - luxurious and exclusive high roller tables with distinguished croupiers usually draped in gold.
  • Live Auto Roulette - played at a real roulette wheel, but without a croupier hence the ball is spun automatically. Betting rounds are shorter and the so the game is faster.
  • Live Double Ball Roulette - European roulette played with 2 balls thereby offering double the chance but typically half the payout. Players can also bet on both balls for odds of up to 1300:1
  • UK/London Roulette - the same as the European game, but most often streamed from London.
  • American roulette - favoured in Las Vegas casinos, and carries a higher house edge.

Some online casinos offer the option to play multi-live, which allows the player to join more than one table at a time. Most live roulette software will also supply players with advanced statistics and historical information for the last 500 rounds including hot and cold numbers and percentages. They also offer advanced betting features such as section bets, favourite bets and racetrack bets.

Games of live roulette, held in special live studios, are streamed from around the world; and therefore the croupiers also come from many other countries and speak various languages. Multi-lingual live casino tables are often available in the most common European languages including German, Swedish, Danish, Turkish, Spanish and Russian. Chinese-speaking croupiers are also sometimes available.

How To Play Live Roulette

Live Roulette follows the same rules as traditional or standard online roulette. The odds are the same, and the bet limits are generally the same, although you may notice the minimum bets being slightly higher due to live roulette carrying greater overheads compared to standard computerised online roulette.

The most common live roulette software in use is developed by Evolution Gaming, supplying over 90% of live casinos, and being the software employed by all our live casino partners. Their interface is clean and simple to use, with advanced betting options and statistics as mentioned above.

The software integrates well with the online casino, and once launched, you will see a live video feed of the roulette wheel and croupier, with the casino room in the background. The roulette table will usually have an interactive interface super-imposed over the top of it, which you can hover over and place bets on using your mouse.

The bet limits and payout percentages of the game will be available on the top left of the screen, and advanced bets, historical statistics usually available via buttons on bottom right. The last 10 numbers are always visible, and the online chat feature can be shown or hidden in the bottom left.

Knowing when to place bets is important. After each spin, the table is cleared and players will have approximately one minute to place their bets. The live croupier will usually announce that it is time to "place your bets". Once the dealer spins the wheel and tosses in the ball, he or she will announce, “no more bets please”, and wave a hand over the table, then all betting must stop. It is possible to wait until the ball is moving before placing bets, although, take care to not run out of time.

Live Roulette vs Online and Traditional Roulette

Live roulette is now in high demand and has become a preferred option over playing in a brick-and-mortar casino. The reasons for this are primarily for comfort, convenience and availability, but also due to the choice of live roulette games and croupiers available, the advanced betting options and statistical information available, and also due to the fact that players can still collect and use promotions and bonuses on the live roulette tables.

Live roulette is also available to play at any time of day or night. The chat facility also helps both beginners and experienced players to become more involved with the dealer and the game. In the case of a new player, dealers are more than happy to answer questions and provide assistance, and, by being able to select a dealer, this helps to bring a much friendlier and personal feel to the game.

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