New 300% Bonus at Sun Bingo - Deposit £10 Play With £40!

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300% Bonus at Sun BingoSun Bingo Are Bursting With Fun - Find Out Why & Get Up To £300 Free!

The Sun Bingo promotions calendar is always packed full of exciting offers, cash prizes and fun times. But this April sees a new offer to hit their calendar - an increased welcome bonus offer of 300%!

For a limited period, this April only, Sun Bingo are offering new players the chance to join their party with an increased welcome bonus of 300%, giving them an extra THREE times the fun.

Further still, the bonus is valid for deposits up to £100. So if you deposit £10, you'll get an extra £30 free, but deposit £100 and you'll get a whopping £300 free - that's a total of £400 to play bingo with!

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What Can I Play Using My Bonus?

In short - you can use your free bonus on any of Sun Bingo's fabulous bingo and slots games. They are host to 75-ball, 80-ball and 90-ball bingo games as well as a generous selection of online slots including progressive jackpot slots such as the 20-line slots game "Deal Or No Deal" where the jackpot currently stands at over £75,000!

Sun Bingo's bingo games are specifically worth telling you about though - so here's a summary of their games and the prizes on offer:

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Sun Bargain Bingo 90

Enter the The Sun Bargain 90 bingo lobby and you'll be able to choose from a several clubs each with their own chat room. Not all are open at all times of the day, and some offer higher prizes than others, so have a look around and see what you fancy.

Sun Bargain Bingo tickets range from 1p to 5p and feature a progressive jackpot which increases until someone wins it. To win it, you'll need to get a full house in less than 40 calls. Once it's won, it'll reset back to the minimum amount which is £50 for 1p rooms, £100 for 2p rooms and £250 for 5p rooms. You can of course also win up to three times by being the first to get 1-line, 2-lines or a full house. The prizes of each depend on the ticket price and the number of players in the game.

What out for the link games which play every half an hour. In these, the clubs link together to create one massive prize pool!

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Sun Bingo 75

75 Ball Pattern BingoAs you might have guessed, the Sun Bingo 75 lobby is host to the 75-ball bingo games. In these games rather than aim to be the first to get 1-line, 2-lines or a full house, your aim is to complete the pattern as defined at the start of each game (see image to the right).

Be the first to complete the pattern and you'll win the Game Jackpot which varies depending on the number of people playing in the game. However, if you win the Game Jackpot in less than a certain number of calls (defined at the start of each game), then you'll also win the Fixed Jackpot which is set at an impressive £500!

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Sun Bingo 80

The Sun Bingo 80 lobby is home to the 80-ball bingo games. These operate in much the same way as the 90-ball bingo games in that your aim is to be the first to get either a 1-line win, 2-lines, or a full house. However as the tickets are laid out in a square, the 1-line win can run horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, and 2-line wins can be any two combinations of a 1-line win. Full house wins are as normal - filling every number on the card.

Sun Bingo 80 games also feature a progressive jackpot which can be won by getting a full house in less than the predefined number of calls.

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Sun Bingo 90

The Sun Bingo 90 lobby is also definitely worth checking out. There are number of clubs each with several chat rooms, so I can guarantee you won't get bored!  Prizes and rules are as per the Sun Bargain Bingo 90 lobby games, with the exception of the progressive jackpot in the Headline Club which resets to a minimum of £2,000!

Sun Bingo Learner Room

It's also worth mentioning the Sun Bingo Learner room which will appeal to those new to bingo. This is a great addition to the Sun Bingo experience which offers new players wishing to get to grips with the game interactive tutorials and dedicated chat hosts who will guide and help with any questions or concerns players may have. In addition to learning how to master bingo, there are real cash prizes up for grabs  - £3 for 1-line wins, £5 for 2-line wins and £7 for full house wins - not bad for beginners ;)

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The Terms

As always I like to make my readers aware of the terms attached to any bonus or promotion. The 300% welcome bonus does of course carry some conditions, much the same as Sun Bingo's standard 200% bonus, but i'm please to say that these are very reasonable and certainly not enforced to mislead you.

Firstly, you must deposit a minimum of £10 before you'll receive the bonus - that's a given. Secondly, the bonus will be added to your bonus cash balance and so can't be withdrawn immediately. Once you start playing bingo your real cash balance will be used up first, followed by your bonus cash balance. Perfectly resonable. However, before you can make a withdrawal, you must fulfil some wagering requirements, which are:

  • Wager 1x the amount of the welcome bonus if playing 90, 80, 75 or Bargain Bingo
  • Wager 20x the amount of the bonus if playing slots or casino games
  • Wager 80x the amount of the bonus if playing Roulette

Our Verdict

As we're mostly in it for the bingo and good times, the 1x wagering requirement on the bonus is a sure winner. Many bingo sites out there will apply anything of 4x upwards so Sun Bingo are really standing out, again!

With the selection of prizes, promotions and games on offer, Sun Bingo are likely to keep players entertained for a long time to come. I would like to see more progressive jackpot slots and some bigger titles on there, but I am a bit of a sucker for the slots so that probably won't matter much to you :)

All in all, this is a great promotion from Sun Bingo - one of our chosen Top 5 Best Bingo Sites - and we should hope they decide to extend it!

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