Virtue Fusion Bingo Sites

The following online bingo sites feature bingo & games software developed by Virtue Fusion.

When it comes to online bingo sites, Virtue Fusion powers some of the best in the world. Their software is known for three things: a huge selection of bingo games, overlapping schedules in different rooms for maximum game availability, and a good selection of non-bingo side-games for playing during your bingo breaks. In short, Virtue Fusion bingo sites have the best game selection of any type of bingo site in the industry.

The main games are 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo. Their game schedules are set up so that different rooms can be running the same types of games at staggered schedules to make it quick and easy to get in on the games that you want at any time of day. Aside from that, they also offer speed bingo games and a special UK version of 75 ball bingo. When you want to take a break from the games, Virtue Fusion bingo sites offer a number of roulette, blackjack, video poker and online slots to choose from too.

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The History of Virtue Fusion

Of the many online bingo service providers active on the web today, there are few that have the profile, reputation, or the long history of Virtue Fusion. In the field of online gaming, the Virtue Fusion bingo brand is seen as one of the industry's safest pairs of hands. Founded in 1999, the United Kingdom-based software developer was among the first enterprises to recognise the broad appeal of web-based bingo game services, and it quickly began working on titles to meet this demand. The first of the Virtue Fusion bingo sites was subsequently launched in 2001.

Headquartered in London, Virtue Fusion is today a subsidiary of Gaming Technology Solutions Ltd (GTS). In turn, GTS is owned in its entirety by Playtech, the supplier of online slots and casino games to many high profile names in the industry including online casinos as well as online bingo sites. In 2016, Playtech acquired ECM systems to enhance the development of future Virtue Fusion bingo games.

Virtue Fusion Bingo Site Features & Products

Virtue Fusion bingo sites are characterised by the wealth of options and available games. In recent years, Virtue Fusion bingo has further augmented its value offering to customers by seeking out prestigous and high profile official licensing agreements, such as Emmerdale, Deal or No Deal, and Kerry Katona's Bingo with Kerry.

With Playtech as its parent company, Virtue Fusion has also expanded its activities into online slots technologies. Virtue Fusion slots can be found all across the web: both within many of the big name online casinos, as well as brands more traditionally associated with sports betting and bookmaking.

The Virtue Fusion bingo business has diversified its product range into other fields, such as the fast-paced, big payout Cash Cubes game, and the Deal or No Deal range of licensed bingo, scratchcards, and slot machines.

Features and Functions

A common feature among all Virtue Fusion bingo sites is the extensive bonus features which provide users with additional options – or even greater cash incentives. The range from the typical welcome and re-deposit bonus, to weekly or monthly bonuses and loyalty rewards. Some games – such as the Coronation Street-themed “Golden Cobbles” game – offers players the potential to earn big winnings via progressive jackpots. Perhaps better known as the “rollover”, a progressive jackpot is one which is added to the winnings of the next game each time nobody wins the top prize.

Networked Jackpots and Promotions

The most attractive feature of Virtue Fustion bingo sites has to be their ability to offer massive linked jackpots and competitive promotions. The reason they are able to offer these is because of their dominance of the online bingo market, and volume of players spread across their bingo site partners. The more players there are playing jackpot games, the more contributions are made towards the jackpot. Similarly, the more players that enter a promotion, the better the prizes they are able to offer. This is why you will often see a major monthly or seasonal promotion available at several different bingo sites - because they're all running on the Virtue Fusion bingo site network.

Chat Hosts

Virtue Fusion bingo sites were among the first in the industry to explore the social aspects of online gambling. One of the characterising elements of Virtue Fusion bingo sites is the emphasis on community: the company developed its award-winning in-game chat hosting facility to allow gamers to interact freely with one another, as they play.

The in-game chat functionality also gave rise to the popularity of chat hosts. Chat hosts could now engage and communicate with players while they watch their bingo balls get called out. They keep the players entertained and coming back by offering up in-game bonuses, prizes, competitions and quizzes.

Virtue Fusion bingo sites are often praised for the amount of “sticky content” that is present, ie: content which encourages individual users to remain on the site for extended periods of time. The chat host service is an integral part of this strategy. It is readily available both through desktop versions of virtue fusion bingo sites, as well as any mobile app running Virtue Fusion bingo software.

Security and legal compliance for Virtue Fusion Bingo sites

Virtue Fusion bingo is a legally licensed and regulated company, domiciled on the Channel Island of Alderney in Guernsey. Virtue Fusion bingo provides full legal compliance and licensing as part of its service package to all clients using the company's products on their sites. This means that all mobile apps and websites that are powered by Virtue Fusion bingo software will receive the same rigorous oversight from the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. Regulation protects the cash deposits, statutory rights, and the data security of every user of Virtue Fusion bingo sites.

Accessibility and support

Virtue Fusion bingo is developed to provide ease of access to all clients and customers. Its numerous app-based platforms are renowned for their responsiveness, as well as their lightweight architecture which places low demands on operating systems and devices. From a technical point of view, each of the various apps developed by virtue fusion bingo that we road-tested were easy to navigate, even on older handheld devices.

Restrictions to use are in fact far more likely to be legal than technical in nature. Due to its legal regulation by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, residents of some overseas territories will be unable to access Virtue Fusion services. At the time of writing, excluded locations include Hong Kong, Israel, and the United States.

In Summary

Virtue Fusion is a business with a keen understanding of brand power and performance. It matches its numerous and varied services with attractive tie-ins and licensing agreements. It is a business which constantly seeks new areas to expand into, and searching for “The Next Big Thing” in online gaming.