The Big Competition: Every Week at Bgo Bingo

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The Big Competition - Bgo Bingo3 Challenges, 3 Games, 3 Prizes & 3 Bingo Jackpots!

Here's something to look forward to - three great prize bingo games from Bgo Bingo every Friday night - but only if you complete their challenges earlier in the week!

Entry into The Big Competition is restricted to players who have successfully completed the three challenges between the Saturday and Thursday leading up to Friday, so keep reading to find out how to enter.

The Challenges

You have three challenges to complete each week (don't worry, they're really not that challenging) between Saturday and Thursday in order to be eligible for the Friday night competition:

  1. Deposit £10 at Bgo Bingo
  2. Buy 24 cards into any Super Jackpot game
  3. Buy 12 cards into any Diamond Dreams game

Super Jackpot games play daily at Bgo Bingo and jackpots range from £250 to anything up to £100k. Ticket prices start from just 10p so it'll only cost £2.40 to complete challenge #2, plus you'll have the chance to scoop up one of the full house jackpots!

Diamond Dreams games are bgo Bingo's progressive jackpot games. The current jackpot is standing at £3,471.56 and grows every time a ticket is bought into the game. A jackpot is won by completing a full house in the required number of calls, making this game an exciting favourite among all bingo fans. Standard full house, 2 line and 1 line prizes also apply.

The Games

The three games running as part of the competition will be held in the Diamond Dreams room every Friday night at 8.30pm, 9.30pm and 10.30pm.

As mentioned above, Diamond Dreams games are progressive jackpot bingo games where standard full house, 2 line and 1 line prizes still apply. The jackpot is won by completing a full house in the required number of calls which will be published at the beginning of each game.

The Prizes

As well as the usual bingo and jackpot prizes on Diamond Dreams games, Bgo Bingo are throwing in some additional prizes for all players who have completed the above challenges.

  1. All full house wins will receive a £100 Amazon Voucher or £100 Cash.
  2. 2 Line wins will receive a £50 M&S Luxury Hamper, £50 M&S Vouchers or £50 Cash.
  3. 1 Line wins will receive some Tasty Treats, £25 Asda Voucher or £25 Cash.

So even if you're not lucky enough to bag the full house, you'll still have some additional prizes coming your way for completing 2 or 1 lines.

The Jackpots

As the competition is taking place in the Diamond Dreams room, every game will be a progressive jackpot game where not only do you have the chance of winning the standard full house, 2 line and 1 line prizes, but if you complete a full house in the required number of calls (published at the start of each game) then you'll also bag the progressive jackpot prize! The jackpot is currently standing at £3,471.56 and growing - so keep those fingers and toes crossed!

Even if you're not lucky enough to bag a jackpot, there are some great prizes on offer in The Big Competition - so get involved, have some fun, and don't forget to comment below to tell us how you got on!