£2,000 Escalator Jackpot Every Sunday at Sky Bingo

  • This promotion has now expired. Its contents should be considered out of date and no longer valid.
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Climb your way to the top of Sky Bingo’s escalator every Sunday throughout this entire summer to win a jackpot starting out at a guaranteed £2,000.

If a hefty cash injection is just what you need this summer, you won’t want to miss out on Sky’s high-flying Escalator Jackpot, so keep on reading and we’ll tell you all about it.

What’s on Offer?

The Escalator Jackpot is a shared community jackpot. This means that 50% will be paid to the winner and 50% will be shared out between the rest of the players in the winning jackpot game.

The exact size of the jackpot depends on the number of tickets purchased for the game but it will start out at £2,000 and grow from there. Also, the size of the jackpot shared by members of the community will depend on the number of tickets bought by that individual.

In addition to the ever-increasing communal jackpot, the individual games in the Escalator promotion have £2,000 in prize funds to be shared out among the guaranteed 72 winner every hour.

How to Play

The Escalator will be up and running at Sky Bingo each Sunday between July 2nd and August 27th.

During this time, all you have to do is buy your tickets and take your place in the Sky Speed Room games occurring every three minutes. Tickets cost 1p, 2p or 5p each and each player can purchase a maximum of 120 per game.

The jackpot starts being called at ball 32. If there is no initial winner, the ball call will increase by two every hour, on the hour- giving that escalator plenty of time to reach incredible heights.

Terms and Conditions

The Escalator Jackpot will run in Sky Speed Room every Sunday from July 2nd until August 27th.

During this time, all members of Sky Bingo, new and existing alike, are welcome to take part in the Escalator Jackpot games.

The jackpot will begin at 6pm every Sunday, starting at 32 ball calls.

The number of balls before the jackpot is called will then increase by two every hour.

The community jackpot will pay out dependant on tickets purchased.

The jackpot will pay out as an automatic payment and paid in the form of real money to players’ cash balances.