Reverse Bingo Week at Butlers Bingo

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The Butler's Gone Mad - Bingo Prizes In Reverse!

Yes he's lost the plot - but cash-in while this moment of madness lasts! From Saturday 1st June - Sunday 9th June at Butler's Bingo you'll receive bonus money for getting 1 Line and a Full House. But get this - you'll receive more bonus money for getting 1 Line than if you get a Full House!

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Why? Well apparently the butler has got too many BBz's and so is giving them all away! Get 1 Line and you'll receive £1 extra BBz in addition to the normal prize fund, and get a Full House and you'll receive an extra 50p BBz.

If you don't know what BBz's are then you might want to have a read here where I give them a good overview.

Our Verdict

It's not a huge promotion, but it gets a thumbs up from me :) Any bingo site that rewards 1 Line wins more than Full House wins gets my attention. And although the bonus money is in the form of BBz's, I quite like the way Butler's Bingo handle BBz's - the wagering requirements are reaosnable and if you have a big win you can withdraw it with no problem and no extra wagering fulfilment to meet (unlike other bingo sites and casinos out there).

Again, if you're not familiar with what BBz's are then have a read of our guide - What Are BBZ's? - which summarises them quite nicely.

As always, comments are welcome below and we strongly encourage them - the more differing opinions and feedback there is on any promotion the better :)

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