New Mecca Bingo "We Know The Feeling" Campaign

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We Know The Feeling - Mecca Bingo

We all love that special feeling. You know the one you get when you have a great game of bingo. Whether you hit the big-time and come away with a jackpot prize or just enjoy having fun with friends, a good game of bingo is always exciting and fun.

It looks like the team at Mecca Bingo know that feeling better than anyone, as this is the theme of their latest ad campaign, "We Know the Feeling". Everything about this campaign is about celebrating the special friendships formed over bingo and capturing those heart-racing moments when your numbers are called out.

What to Look Out For

Louise Redknapp is the face of the "We Know the Feeling" campaign. Keep your eyes peeled throughout October as you’re likely to see her popping up during the ad break of your favourite TV show.

In the TV adverts, Louise describes the “edge-of-your-seat, slipping-dancing, seeing your number everywhere must-be-a-sign feeling” that every dedicated bingo-player knows and loves.

Louise Redknapp - Mecca Bingo

Louise Redknapp

If you live in Britain, it’s more than likely that you’re familiar with Louise Redknapp. The former pop-star has been a household name ever since she burst onto the scene with the band Eternal back in the nineties. She can most recently be seen twirling her way around the studio as a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing.

It’s easy to see why Mecca chose Louise to front the "We Know the Feeling" campaign. Not only is she a beloved celebrity with a long list of achievements (check out this swanky infographic of Louise's 20 most memorable moments), she also has a special place in her heart for bingo.

This is because she grew up attending the bingo nights hosted in her grandparents’ pub. Remembering this part of her childhood Louise said:

“I have such fond memories of this time. Bingo is a game that creates a feel good feeling and now with modern technology it’s a game that you can play anywhere.”

We’re looking forward to seeing the ads on our screens and finding out more about Mecca’s new look over the course of October - but for a sneaky preview check out the video below!


As part of the new look Mecca Bingo - they're also hosting a load of great promotions which they quite rightly boast about in their TV ad:

Promotion Starts Ends
£5k-a-Day Jackpots 1st October 31st October
1,000 Chances to Win £1,000 1st October 31st October
Win Win Bingo 1st October 31st October
The Xtra Factor 1st October 31st October
Breast Cancer Awareness Month Bingo 3rd October 31st October
Cash Climber 7th October 28th October
Win Your Winter Wardrobe 17th October 21st October
Spin to Win 17th October 31st October

So get involved now guys - best of luck and don't forget to report back in the comments below so we can see how you got on!