Friendsy Bingo at Mecca Bingo

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Friendsy BingoCreate Your Own Bingo Room & Invite Your Mates In Friendsy Bingo!

What would it be like to own your own bingo room and only allow your mates to play there?

Well now you can in Friendsy Bingo over at Mecca Bingo!

What Is Friendsy Bingo?

Friendsy is a cool feature enabled on selected bingo games where you can filter out everyone else in the game and only invite those you choose to play with you.

You can invite up to 9 other people to play with you, by simply typing in their chat name once you've enabled Friendsy.

You can also be part of other Friendsy groups in the same game, but you will only ever see players who are in your groups.

There's also an additional Friendsy Prize Pot which is released when the creator of a Friendsy wins a Full House - 50% goes to the winner, and 50% goes to the remainder of the group.

How Do I Create A Friendsy?

The Friendsy feature is only available on selected games over at Mecca Bingo. Just head over to the Legs Eleven room between 8am and midnight every day where you'll find a Friendsy game running every 20 minutes.

Also, between 7pm and 11pm every day, every single game in the Legs Eleven room will be a Friendsy game too - so plenty of slots to gather your gang and show off your skills to each other!

Create a Friendsy by firing up the bingo game, and clicking on the Friendsy tab. From there you can type in the chat names of your mates which will send them an invite to join your Friendsy.

You'll be notified when your invites are accepted or declined.

How Do I Join A Friendsy?

Friendsy's are by invitation only - so if you haven't received one, then give your mate a nudge for them to send you one (or you could just create your own)! If requesting an invite, be sure to give them your chat name as they will need it to send you the invite.

You can join up to 10 Friendsy groups at a time, so if you're a socialite with numerous groups of friends then you can play with all of them at once. A friendsy in one group won't see a friendsy in another group, unless they are too both in the same group.