It's Party Time Each Week in May at Sky Bingo

  • This promotion has now expired. Its contents should be considered out of date and no longer valid.
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Party Time

It’s Party Time over at Sky Bingo and everyone’s invited.

With the Party Time promotion, anyone who gets at least five 1-to-gos will be invited to enjoy some free bingo in Sky’s special party rooms. These rooms are full of gigantic bonus rewards and occasionally some surprise extras.

What’s on Offer?

The Party Time games will be taking place every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The game you’re invited to will be determined by the number of 1-to-gos you have.

Monday games have a prize pot of £1,000

Tuesday games have a prize pot of £2,000

Wednesday games have a prize pot of £3,000

All of these Party Time games are free to enter and prizes will be paid into winners accounts immediately in the form of bonus funds.

How to Play

To get invited to Sky’s Party Time bingo games, you will need to have at least five 1-to-gos. If you meet this criteria, you’ll be invited to take part in the Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday bingo session.

If you have between five and 10 1-to-gos, you’ll be invited to the Monday game.

11 to 30 1-to-gos will get you into the Tuesday game.

And finally, 31 or more 1-to-gos will earn you an entry for the Wednesday game.

The 1-to-gos have to have been in one of the following qualifying bingo rooms:

  • Sky 75
  • Sky 80
  • Mystical
  • Sky Community
  • Sky Speed
  • Sky Value
  • Sky Syndicates
  • Tipping Point Bingo
  • Sky Pennies

Terms and Conditions

The Party Time promotion will be active at Sky Bingo between the 1st and 22nd of May.

Only 1-to-gos on Full Houses in the qualifying bingo rooms listed above will count towards the promotion. 1-to-gos on any lines will not count.

Entry to the Party room games will be free and prizes paid out as bingo bonuses.