Gala Bingo £300k Bumper Weekend

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The Bank Holiday Might Be Over, But The Fun Has Just Begun!

Trust Gala Bingo to continue the party! From today (27th May) until Sunday 2nd June, Gala Bingo are hosting an amazing promotion where £300,000 WILL be won!

The £300k is split up into a £100k Jackpot Prize where one lucky winner take the lot, and the remaining £200k will be distributed in bingo prizes.

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£100,000 Escalator Jackpot

From Monday 27th May until Friday 31st May every evening from 6pm the escalator jackpot is up for grabs. Simply play bingo and make the full house in the specified number of calls. If nobody wins, the call count will increase by 1 ball every day until Friday 31st when the ball count will increase every two hours until won! Seriously, this is not one you want to miss out on imagine winning £100k! For doing nothing but playing bingo - I tell you, i'm definitely in!

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£200,000 Guaranteed Prizes

From Friday 31st May until Sunday 2nd June the remaining £200k will be given out to players in the form of guaranteed bingo prizes - free money and bingo tickets etc. Simply enter and play bingo in either the Metropolis or Amazon Clubs where winners will be picked at random!

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