Feel the Need for Speed by Playing for a Guaranteed £2000 in BGO's Daily Rush Hour Games

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BGO Rush Hour

If you’re not yet a member of BGO Bingo, you’ll definitely want to become one when you find out all about The Boss’s Rush Hours promotion.

This offer dishes out a guaranteed £2,000 in prizes every Monday to Friday in three daily games which last just one hour each. Keep on reading for more details.

What’s on Offer?

Here are the amounts of real money which are guaranteed to be won in each of the three daily Rush Hour games:

  • £500 in the 8am-9pm game
  • £750 in the 12pm-1pm game
  • £1,000 in the 5pm-6pm game

All of this money must be won- maybe by you! So why not sign into BGO Bingo today and try your luck?

How to Play

To get involved with The Boss’s heart-racing Rush Hour promotion, simply sign into the site and buy as many 5p tickets for the games as you like.

Then, make sure that you’re in the Need for Speed bingo room during the games which will be taking place every Monday to Friday at 8am, 12pm and 5pm for an hour each.

Terms and Conditions

The Boss’s Rush Hour promotion is open to all registered members of BGO Casino, new and existing. There is no pre-existing deposit amount required to play.

The casino reserves the right to alter, amend, modify and update the conditions of the promotion at all times.