£2 Million Gala Bingo Christmas Giveaway

  • This promotion has now expired. Its contents should be considered out of date and no longer valid.
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2 Million Gala Bingo Xmas

Win A Share Of £2,000,000 This Christmas With Gala Bingo

You can always count on Gala Bingo to throw a spectacular party when it's time for celebrations, and this Christmas is no different.

Gala Bingo are giving away a staggering £2,000,000 in cash prizes spread out over 25 days from 8th December right through until 1st January 2015!

The prizes on offer vary depending on the day, but range from £100 bingo games to £5,000 bingo games, and from £50,000 bingo nights to £300,000 weekenders!

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100 Chances To Win £100

100 Chances To Win £100 - Every Day

Every day, excluding Christmas Day, from between 9pm and 10pm there will be 10 games each offering 10 chances to win £100 in cash - that's a total of £10,000 every day!

The prizes will be awarded for 1L, 2L and Full House, and there will be 7 Roll-Ons offering more chances of winning even if someone's beaten you to the Full House.

£50k Winners Night

£50k Winners Night - 14th December

Sunday 14th December is the £50,000 Winners Night.

Head to Gala Bingo's Metropolis Room between the hours of 5pm and 11pm for a chance to win a grand total of £50,000 in cash prizes.

£50,000 Value Night

£50,000 Value Night - 18th December

Thursday 18th December sees a host of low cost, value bingo games with a generous £50,000 in bingo prizes up for grabs.

Get involved in the action between the hours of 5pm and midnight in the Metropolis Room - you gotto be in it to win it!

£300,000 Weekender

£300,000 Weekender - 26th-28th December

Between Friday 26th December (that's Boxing Day if you didn't realise!) and Sunday 28th December, it's the Gala Bingo £300,000 Big Weekender!

Head to the Metropolis Room between the hours of 5pm and midnight for a feast of bingo prizes totalling a massive £100,000 each day!


£15,000 Happy Hour

£15,000 Happy Hour - 1st January 2015

If you're still standing, or at least able to make to your computer (or tablet!), then Thursday 1st January see the end of the Gala Bingo Christmas Giveaway, with their £15,000 Happy Hour.

Between 9.30pm and 10.30pm there will be 10 bingo games, each with 10 x £100 cash prizes up for grabs - that's £10,000 in less than an hour!

Plus, at 10.30pm there'll be a huge BingoLinx game with a whopping £5,000 up for grabs! So set your alarm clock, reminder, or whatever it takes because this could be one seriously big way to start your 2015!