Bag a share of £15k with Mecca Bingo’s Medieval Money giveaway!

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15k Medieval Money Mecca Bingo

Fancy getting involved in a draw that could make you £200 richer? What about bagging some money back if you’re not a winner? If so, read on to find out more!

Play ‘Medieval Money’ and bag those entries today!

Medieval Money is a five-reeled, 20-payline slot with plenty of bonus features!

As you might have guessed, it’s themed around the medieval period and as such you can expect swords, knights, Kings & Queens and, of course, archery. The overall look of the slot is nice, with a cartoony style which is pleasant to the eye.

It’s much like the style of the old Peanuts (Charlie Brown, for those who aren’t clued up with the old comics), or the Beano & Dandy magazines — but, of course, updated to bring it into the 21st century.

The slot contains a number of bonus features, including the ‘money bags picker’ bonus which awards players up to 50x in funds, and the ‘joust free spins’ feature which has the potential to land players with a number of free spins.

Of course, there’s plenty of other bonus features — but you’ll have to check them out for yourself.

You’re not here to find out about the slot though, you want to know about the huge £15k Mecca Bingo giveaway right?!

How to bag your share of £15k!

Well, it’s all rather simple!

Play ‘Medieval Money’ between now and the 5th of September and for every £10 you spend, you’ll bag one entry into the £15k draw, which takes place the following day.

The great thing is you’re not limited to how many entries you can bag, so go ahead and play to your heart’s content.

Also, playing doesn’t mean ‘losing’, just as long as you’re playing, you can be earning entries!

There are a number of prizes on offer:

  • 10 prizes worth £200 each
  • 15 prizes of £150 each
  • 25 prizes of £50 each
  • 40 prizes of £20
  • 480 prizes of £10
  • 930 prizes of £5

So, have no fear if you don’t manage to bag the top money — there are still plenty of prizes to go around.

What about if you’re not so lucky though?

Say you’ve jumped into this promotion, played through £50, but haven't been lucky enough to come out in profit. Well, thanks to Cashbacker, you’ll get a percentage of your losses back in cash!

What this does is reduce the overall risk when playing bingo, while also providing you with some comfort that you'll get a slicce back of anything you do happen to lose. Read more about how our cashback works, or check our other bingo cashback deals.

And that’s everything you need to know about Mecca Bingo’s £15k giveaway! Drop us a comment below and let us know what you think! Either way, good luck!