5 Ways to Get Cash Back in Online Bingo

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Bingo Cashback

For all you seasoned bingo players out there, you'll know that there's nothing better than a great cashback deal. Wherever we go, it's always a bit of a boost when we get some money back for the money we spend, but in the online gambling world, the term cashback is a rather loose one. By that, we mean that bingo cashback comes in all kinds of different forms, but don't worry, we'll cover every angle so you know what to look out for and make the most of it - ultimately so you can get more for your money!

If you're also not aware, we're going to introduce you to a very special kind of bingo cashback which is paid out in the form of real money, completely separate from bingo sites and free of any wagering requirements and ridiculous cash-out terms.  Already sound good? Well, why not jump down to the instant cashback section below to find out more...

While the remaining cashback deals we've listed below might actually seem more like the regular bonus deals people have come to expect from bingo sites, they are still offering the player the chance to earn more money so you are, in fact getting cashback. So, however, you want to term them, these kinds of deals are not to be missed.

Generally speaking, players become eligible for cashback when they perform certain tasks or meet certain criteria. These rebates are sometimes credited to the player's account almost instantly, whereas some others like deposit bonuses can't be cashed out and have to be used in-game. Either way, you're getting extra funds to play more bingo for free. 

Cashback on Losses

The best kind of cashback deal is exactly that, a deal where you get cashback instantly for hardly anything at all.And you want to know where you can find these kinds of deals? You can find them right here on Cashbacker! 

Our exclusive cashback pays a percentage of your money back for any losses you incur, and this is real cashback paid to you by us - how great is that? That means even if your luck isn't in, you'll walk away with something to either put back into your pocket or put towards further gameplay. 

What's more is that by using our site to get your bingo cashback, you'll also earn badges and stickers as you go which can eventually be used to redeem some fabulous goodies such as vouchers, gadgets, appliances and perfume, so you're getting something extra along with your money.

You can browse our bingo cashback deals here or find out more about how it works here.  


Virtually every bingo site hosts promotions either daily, weekly or monthly. They're a great way to enjoy online bingo while picking up anything from cash and free spins to gifts and holidays - you'll find these promotions vary from site to site but will always bring you something special. 

Cash prizes have always been a popular go-to amongst bingo sites, as who doesn't love free money. These can be shared like when Coral, for instance, was giving away £3,000 to be shared amongst their players.  These can also be individual rewards like Mecca Bingo giving away £5 to their club members who signed up to play online.  There are also regular promotions to get involved with for players who'd like to get a small treat every week - these can come in the form of a small cash bonus from BOGOF Bingo, or something as simple as Betfair giving away free bingo rooms for a couple of hours every day

Free Spins is a common reward amongst promotions across the industry and while they may not give you the cash up front, they do give players more chances to win on big jackpot slots without having to spend any of their own money. Of course, free spins can come with wagering requirements, but they are a great way to try out new slots or continue playing your favourite slots for free.  Due to the high RTP of slots, it's often the case that you fulfil wagering requirements sooner than you expect, so free spins can often result in real cash winnings. If the sound of wagering requirements makes you uneasy, you'll be glad to know there are bingo sites out there like Bgo that offer no wagering free spins.

You might find more traditional cashback deals on bingo sites, but these are few and far between. Some bingo sites know that their players don't like to lose, but are aware that this comes with the territory, so to create the perfect middle ground some offer the chance to earn some cash back when their players are unsuccessful in one of their bingo rooms. It'll most likely be a cut of what you've already spent but it means both you and the bingo site walk away happy!

Many sites also offer entrance into some kind of VIP club or loyalty programme which offer their own exclusive rewards such as bonus cash and free spins mostly at no extra cost to the player except continued gaming, so there are even more ways to get something back for simply logging on and having fun.

Before you opt-in to any promotion, be sure to check the terms and conditions and ensure there are no unfair terms or hidden wagering requirements on them because otherwise, you might not see much of your free bonus, and we can't have that! If you want to skip the hassle, we have a selection of no wagering bingo sites so you can jump right in! We also have a selection of low wagering bingo sites too, and while these require you to bet your bonuses, you're still quite likely to see some kind of return on them.

All of these give something back to the player that they can use again, and if that's not cash back, we don't know what is! 

While promotions come and go, we ensure to keep our customers up to date with them all sign-up and subscribe to our newsletter to be kept in the loop of all the latest promotions. 

Dedicated Rooms

You can also find some great cash back rewards in specific rooms across all the different bingo sites. Some of these have low buy-ins for bigger payoffs, like BOGOF Bingos Value Nights, while others are completely free, and there are even some themed rooms such as The Chase at Gala Bingo which is more like the TV show than a traditional bingo game. These all provide their own bonuses, but most of which bring about great cash prizes for little buy-in! 

The rooms on sites chop and change all the time, so expect all kinds of different ways to get cash back.

Chatroom Games

If you're more of a social bingo player, you might be more inclined to play some chatroom games, which depending on how you look at it, are the most rewarding as they offer you something you can keep for life - new friends! 

In terms of cashback, the winnings of these games are often given out in the form of bonuses which while not withdrawable, will allow you to play more bingo games for free and the chance to win some real cash.

Christmas 2017, for instance, saw Betfair giving away 350,000 loyalty points to their chatroom gamers, and with these points, you could grab yourself some free spins and reload bonuses.

While this may not seem like your traditional cashback deal theoretically, these bonuses are giving you money for nothing which is certainly something not to turn your nose up at.

Cashback Sites

Back before we came on the scene with our no hassle cashback deals, there was also a way to get real money cashback through what people call 'household' cashback sites. We're sure you've heard of them, websites that get you cashback on purchases you make through them and one of their offers extended to signing up with some online casinos. 

When you sign up through them, you would get a one time only lump sum bonus as a reward - sounds great right? Well, unlike our cashback, this one comes with a bit of a catch which is you could be waiting 3 months or even longer to see any money come back to you. If you sign up through us, all of your cashback will be back with you within 5 working days at the end of each month! 


Similar to online slots and casinos, bingo sites too, have a lot of options when it comes to cash back deals, but there's no getting around the fact that they're a great benefit to players. 

Whichever offer you do end up going for, always make sure to check the terms and conditions so you know exactly what you're signing up for. If you want to see the best deals, you can check out our library of the best bingo cashback sites. There are some deals where you can earn yourself up to 20% lifetime cashback on any losses incurred! So what are you waiting for?