Everything you need to know about Roll On Bingo

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What is Roll On Bingo

What exactly is Roll on Bingo, and how does it work? Welcome to Cashbacker’s guide to Roll On bingo where we'll fill you in with everything you need to know, and where to play it!

What is Roll On Bingo?

Roll On bingo is just like regular bingo, but with a crucial difference; instead of just single prizes for single line, two-line and full-house wins, there are multiple prizes that roll-on during the game.

Say, for example, somebody beats you to the single line prize, but you had 1TG (bingo term: 1 to go) until you won it - then if you still manage to complete the line you could still bag a prize.

Some sites offer runner-up prizes for one line, two line and full-house prizes, while others just offer ‘roll on’ prizes for full-house calls.

The amount of extra prizes differs from site to site - for example, William Hill Bingo offers 20 people the opportunity to bag a share of the full-house fund once the first has been claimed.

How awesome is that? No more anticlimax when you think you're about to win only for someone else to sneak in before you!

Where to play Roll On Bingo?

There’s a few places you can experience the thrill of Roll on Bingo:-

  • Gala Bingo (recommended) host Roll On Bingo games from 10pm to midnight every day in the City Bingo Room, which is by far the most Roll on Bingo games you'll find on any bingo site!
  • Bgo Bingo - host games every Saturday in the Golden Galaxy Room between 2pm - 4pm, and in the Fairy Delight Room from 6pm to 8pm. Roll-on Saturdays!
  • As mentioned before, William Hill offer their own Roll On Bingo service, which takes place in the ‘Roll On’ bingo room. Unfortunately, there aren’t any set times though.

So, there you have it! Everything you need to know about Roll On bingo. And remember, if luck doesn't go your way then our exclusive bingo cashback means you'll always walk away with something! Grab your dabbers and let’s play bingo!