Prankster Interrupts Bingo Game Wearing Only Speedos!

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Prankster Interrupts Bingo Game Wearing Only Speedos!The elderly bingo players of Connaught Bingo club in Thanet, Kent got a fright when their evening was interrupted by Canterbury Christ Church student Shayan Shayegani. The 21 year-old whose nickname is Speedo Shy entered the bingo hall blaring trance music and dancing amongst the stunned pensioners. 

The stunt was all in aid of his Youtube channel as well as his Facebook page which has so far racked up more than 19,000 likes. He vowed he act was innocent, saying:

“I do it for a laugh, you know. I like interrupting people’s daily routine.I spoke to some of those women afterwards who said they’d been going to bingo every week for 40 years and this was the best fun they’d ever had.”

The bingo club manager agreed that his customers enjoyed the event, however said “It was fortunate that he didn’t turn up 10 minutes earlier as we were playing The National Game for £250,000 and his stunt would have seriously disrupted the game”.