Generous Bingo Hall Supports Many Tears Animal Rescue

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Customers of the Llanelli bingo hall in Dyfed, Wales were touched after reading about dogs in need at Cefneithin rescue centre, in the Star newspaper. With their eyes down and digging their hands deep into their pockets, they donated 250 bags, tins and boxes of dog food in a unique game to raise awareness.

To play the game, customers were required to bring a tin of dog food but many went all out providing treats and doggie leads. Nigel Griffiths, the manager of the bingo hall and keen charity fundraiser spoke to the Star about the event.

"The customers and the staff were fantastic, some brought in half a dozen tins. They really got behind it and were so supportive — it was marvellous."

With much success, the bingo hall plans to donate the collection they proudly accumulated to Many Tears next week.