Forget Bingo Codes - Get Bingo Cashback!

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Bingo Codes Are Great, But Don't Miss Out On Bingo Cashback..

With all the noise created around bingo bonuses, bingo codes and sign-up offers it's easy to miss the massive savings, and money, you could make by collecting bingo cashback through

Cashbacker allows bingo lovers to receive cashback on anything they spend at leading bingo sites every month, for life. You'll still be entitled to all the usual bonuses, codes, offers and promotions happening at your chosen bingo site with one important difference - every time you play you'll receive up to 20% back in real cash - no wagering requirements, no cash-out terms. That's 20% back to do with it whatever you please - whether that be to treat yourself to something nice, stash it in a savings account, or use it to play even more bingo - for free! There's really no reason not to choose one of our bingo cashback deals and take avantage of the massive savings on offer!

Here are a number of ways you can use the cashback to your advantage...

Save 20% On All Bingo Tickets

The first benefit to the cashback offered by Cashbacker is the fact that players will get refunded up to 20% of anything they spend on bingo tickets, slots and other games played at their chosen bingo site.  Whether you're a regular bingo player or not, it only takes a minute to claim a deal through Cashbacker and start receiving cashback - simply find a bingo cashback deal on our website, click through to the merchant and then register and play just as you would if you went to them directly. Your visit will be tracked by us and once your registration has been verified we'll start paying you cashback every month. Choose from loads of amazing deals and we'll pay you up to 20% back of whatever you spend, every month, directly into your chosen e-wallet provider such as Skrill or PayPal - so you're free to do with it as you please. Read more about how it works.

Remember also that the cashback you receive from Cashbacker is completely separate and in addition to any bonuses or promotions offered by your chosen bingo site, which means there are no entry or wagering requirements to fulfil before you receive the cashback, and you can still use your bonus codes to get free bingo tickets or extra bonuses! Check out our hand-picked Top 5 Best Bingo Sites on which we're currently offering bingo cashback.

Get 20% Extra Free Bingo Tickets & Spins!

The second benefit to getting cashback through Cashbacker is that players can get use their cashback to buy more bingo tickets for free - that's an extra 20% more bingo fun than if you didn't use our service. Rather than withdrawing the cashback into their bank account, Cashbacker members can use the cashback to buy extra tickets and extra spins on the slots - which theoretically means they're 20% more likely to win than if they didn't get cashback! And all that is completely for free - Cashbacker is a free service and an absolute no brainer for anyone wanting to play for real money.

Whether you spend your cashback on more bingo tickets, spins on the slots, side games, roulette or blackjack, is completely up to you. But remember that it hasn't cost you anything more, and that 20% extra free play could make all the difference for winning that life-changing progressive jackpot!