Brain boosting bingo is great for your health!

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People Playing Bingo

Grab your dabbers and drag your Nan to bingo! Bingo could be the key to improving your health, say experts. According to reports, the social side of bingo can be the perfect boost that your brain needs.

Study suggests that bingo is the most beneficial activity

A study taken back in 2011 found that bingo is one of the most beneficial activities for your health, keeping people alert and boosting their memory skills.

With numbers flying around the place, bingo can be a tricky game to keep up with. The great news is that if you’re a fast and nimble dabber, you could have a rather healthy brain.

The study was centered around the effects of socialising and disabilities, and involved monitoring participants in a number of situations. The study showed that playing bingo, going for a meal once a month, or having a night away with friends can all be beneficial to health.

Other activities that were shown to be useful included volunteering, going to church and visiting relatives. Even off-track sports betting was found to boost health.

Over a thousand people studied!

The long term study, organised by the Chicago Rush University Medical Center, looked at how much help people required as they entered into their 80s.

The results showed that the more sociable someone was, the less likely they would struggle up and down the stairs.

According to the study, ‘Higher levels of social activity are associated with decreased risk of becoming disabled.’

Bingo was the number one social activity from their findings, with the majority of healthy participants playing regularly.

The benefits of playing bingo in-house and online

Bingo is not just a social activity, it requires lightning-quick reaction speeds and great concentration. It’s a popular pastime for the elderly as bingo requires very little physical activity.

Bingo halls bring the community together and allow older generations who might not get much contact with family to socialise.

The move to online bingo has changed the way we play though, with more people opting for the online counterpart.

Communities moving with the times

With technology becoming more accessible than ever, even older generations are getting to grips with the likes of tablets and laptops.

The great thing about online bingo is the online communities that develop around certain websites. Not only can bingo fans play in halls once a week, they can maintain contact with their friends through online bingo lobbies. With online bingo becoming easier to play than ever, anybody with a device can connect and play.

So, there we go! Bingo is great for your health according to studies. Now, check out the best bingo offers and find the perfect bingo site for you. You just might get a little smarter – maybe!