Everything you need to know about Reverse Bingo!

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Reverse Bingo

What exactly is Reverse Bingo and how do you play it? Welcome to Cashbacker’s guide to Reverse Bingo - read on to learn more about how to play it and the best bingo sites to play it at..

How does Reverse Bingo work?

Reverse Bingo is basically the same as traditional bingo but with a spin in terms of how the prizes are awarded.

In traditional bingo, the top prize (or jackpot prize) goes to the first player to land a full-house (completing the bingo card). 2nd prize goes to the first player to complete two lines (two lines covered on the card) and 3rd place prize (usually the lowest value prize) goes to the first player to complete 1 line.

The order of prizes awarded goes from lowest to highest; one line, then two lines and then finally, full-house. Which means while you may have missed out on the one and two line prizes, there’s still the chance to land the jackpot prize.

Well, Reverse Bingo works a little differently!

Essentially moving away from the status-quo, the jackpot prize is awarded to the first player to get 1 line. 2nd place prize is awarded for landing two lines, and unusually, the 3rd place prize goes to the player to get the full house!

Naturally the game has caught the attention of any bingo player who struggles to get a full house...so if that's you too, then Reverse Bingo might just well be the game you've been looking for!

Where to play Reverse Bingo

Not many bingo sites host reverse bingo, and some only host Reverse Bingo games occasionally throughout the year, rather than on a regular basis. But, here is a selection of bingo sites where you can play it now. Plus, they're all trusted partners for your peace of mind :)

  • Bgo Bingo (recommended) - Plays every Thursday between 3pm - 4pm in the Golden Galaxy room and 8:30pm to 9:30pm in the Fairy Delight room.
  • Butlers Bingo - Game times vary, so check out their schedule for the next game time

So, there you have it! Everything you need to know about Reverse Bingo and where to play it. Do you like Reverse Bingo, or do you hate it? Whatever your thoughts, share them below in the comments section - we look forward to hearing from you!