Same Chance / Fair Play Bingo

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Same Chance / Fair Play BingoHate Seeing The Same People Win? Play Same Chance Bingo And Beat The Bullies!

If every player in a bingo game had just one ticket each, then each player would have the same chance of winning the full house. So how come the same people seem to keep winning?

The difference is the number of tickets they buy. Buy two tickets and you'll effectively double your chance of winning. Buy 20 tickets and you'll have twenty times more chance of winning than someone with only one ticket.

With most bingo games allowing players to buy up to 35 tickets it becomes apparent why the same people keep winning - they're buying the maximum number of tickets!

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So, What's The Solution?

Gala Bingo have come up with a new bingo game where the number of tickets each player can buy is limited to a maximum of 12. What this means is that even players on tight budgets can afford to buy the maximum number of tickets and not be bullied out of the game by the "high rollers".

Even if you don't want to buy the maximum number of tickets, your chances of winning are still better than in any other game where the maximum purchase is 35 tickets. The reason being is that your chances of winning are proportional to the total number of tickets sold. So limit the number of tickets per person, and the overall number of tickets in the game will reduce, meaning even if you only bought one ticket, you'd stand a better chance of bagging that full house jackpot.

How To Play

Simply head over to the Seaside Room at between the hours of 10am and 10pm every day and choose from a host of "Same Chance" bingo games starting at only 5p a ticket. Seeing as the number of tickets you can buy is limited to 12 then you'd only need to spend 60p to get the maximum number of tickets available, and so maximise your chances of winning :)