PayPal Bingo

Online bingo is bigger than ever these days, booming with the popularity of the game and the ease of access. More players migrate from traditional land bingo each day, for the ease of visiting bingo sites on desktop PCs, laptops and even mobile phones. With each little advance in technology, the hobby becomes more accessible and more fun.

The existence of services like PayPal has been a huge plus in this regard. PayPal makes playing bingo online easier, quicker, more discreet and gives players peace of mind. Especially for those who join several sites, taking advantage of welcome bonuses and the range of games, PayPal is a huge time and effort saver. E-wallets are perfect for managing cash in several places and PayPal is the world’s best-known and most trusted brand.

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PayPal Bingo Sites

Not all online bingo sites accept PayPal, but the number using the service is rising all the time, because PayPal is the go-to e-wallet for many people. For those who already have PayPal set up, it's no problem at all to make a quick deposit to a bingo site.

You don't need to go scouring the internet for bingo sites that accept this payment method, as the listings on this page cover several top sites. Feel free to browse, read our reviews, leave your own and help the bingo community find more great places to play! These are just a few of the top sites that accept PayPal:

Dabber Bingo is a colourful site that offers a pretty handsome welcome bonus, too. This is a Cassava Enterprises site, a company known for trustworthy, reliable software. Visitors will immediately notice the friendly site design at Dabber which has a bright, unusual layout. This site packs a big 10k jackpot bingo, monthly 1k prizes and a newbie room that's perfect for discovering online bingo.

Blighty Bingo is a top choice for fans of the UK, packing every available space with original British artwork. You'll see caricatures of The Spice Girls, Simon Cowell and other famous brits, against a background of Union Jacks and teapots! This thrilling site has a loyalty club, a 5p 90-ball room called Blighty 90 and a late-night room with a £100 prize fund.

Gala Bingo is another major site to start accepting PayPal. This household name offers welcome bonuses, regular competitions and a host of games to play. Coronation Street Bingo is themed after the popular TV show, or try The Chase bingo instead to continue that TV theme. There are several rooms, covering 90 ball, 80 ball and 75 ball games.

Bgo Bingo has been making waves recently due to its new stance on its promotions and wagering requirements, and now, they accept PayPal too. This is a site stocked with promotions and bonuses that'll keep any player coming back for more. On top of this, they have an incredibly generous welcome offer that'll get your gaming with them started right.

Benefits of using PayPal

When playing bingo online, players will have to consider a choice of payment methods sooner or later and these different methods all have their own pros and cons. Players will also find that different sites handle methods differently.

Fast Withdrawals

One fairly universal truth with online bingo is that debit and credit cards, while accepted at almost all sites, have longer waiting times than e-wallets. A withdrawal to a card will likely take 3-5 working days after processing, if not longer. PayPal, in comparison, will be transferred in a matter of minutes, as soon as the payment is processed at the site's end. The money just has to be withdrawn to your bank from PayPal then, or used anywhere that you'd spend PayPal money.


One key reason why players use PayPal is convenience. Many bingo veterans end up joining several sites, with the aim to collect welcome bonuses from each one, or simply to check out a wider range of games and chat communities. Entering credit card information each time can be something of a chore, but simply putting one PayPal email address into each site is easy as pie. Set it up once and use it on several sites, as well as for shopping and other payments.

Safe and Secure Payments

There's also a certain peace of mind that comes with knowing that if a thief or hacker did somehow get hold your details, all they have is an email address. PayPal adds a layer of separation for that very purpose, plus of course it's a very secure service with safeguards and guarantees in place to prevent fraud or loss of funds.

These are just some reasons why online bingo players use PayPal over other e-wallets and credit cards. Thanks to the rising number of sites willing to accept PayPal, it's becoming easier than ever to streamline the bingo experience.